Advertising testimonials: the new trend for customer loyalty

There is more and more space on the internet for advertising testimonials, This applies to the sale of services or products.

The customer now has more and more options to express himself and to be present even after a purchase. All this has been shaping consumer behaviour.

Nowadays it is very common to value the comments, reviews or testimonials of a brand. to decide whether or not to make a purchase.

Because of this, it is an issue that we cannot ignore, the testimonies are there and instead of running away from them, we must work to take advantage of them.

And something key to reaping the benefits of testimonials is that they are trustworthy. Nowadays there are companies that pay for reviews that look incredibly fake, this far from attracting results in a rejection from the audience.

Find out how to get quality testimonials for increase trust in your brand and even to boost your sales to the maximum. Let's get started!

Importance of testimonials in advertising

The fact of taking relevance from the collection of testimonies does not come out of the blue, a study of Search Engine Journal shows that 63% of users indicate that they are more likely to make a purchase from a website that has ratings or testimonials.

There are even psychological aspects to why testimonials are so valuable in terms of brand growth.

Human beings we make decisions based on our experienceswhich allows us to take certain actions.

Y to know the experience of someone who has been in our position (buyer) reassures us, we can estimate whether or not we will do well with the purchase.

Internet sales are a success, but there is no denying that certain components that only face-to-face sales provide, such as proximity, are key when it comes to making a purchase decision.

On the other hand, we are not always sure about making a purchase even when there is that desire. On the other hand, reading positive testimonials can fuel that desire and play in favour of the purchase decision.

Still not quite sure? Here are some of the benefits that underpin the importance of advertising testimonials.

Advertising testimonials

Increasing confidence in your products and your brand

It is not just a question of your products being what is expected, which should obviously be the goal, but the benefit that this offers.

Encourage your customers to speak well of your products. positively impacts your brand positioning.

There are many studies and statistical data showing the growth of online shops or e-commerce in general.

But it's not an easy road either, because there is a high level of competition, and the fact that your brand is respected positions it at an excellent commercial level.

Users may unconsciously decide to look at your offers first, rather than those of some other lesser-known shop. It is not only about knowing that you have an audience, but also about interacting with them and evidencing that interaction.

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Increasing sales volume and customer loyalty

Another benefit of capturing advertising testimonials is to increase the volume of sales and the loyalty of potential customers.

The credibility, positioning and authority of your brand are elements that have everything to be able to increase sales rates.

But these attributes of great value do not come from nowhere, and that is where testimonies become important.

It is the voice of your audience demonstrating that you are meeting the genuine expectations of your potential customers.

Capture a positive social influence of the brand

Big brands have an important social involvement, it is not just about doing what they can to sell, it is about creating cohesion with the message of "being" with real participation. This is why social media engagement is key, as are testimonials.

And it's part of the psychological component, if I want to buy something but I haven't made up my mind, and then I hear a story about someone who bought it and it worked out great, it awakens in me a emotional meaning that will make me make that purchase.

How to make the most of testimonials in advertising?

We know that advertising testimonials are an element that the average user takes into consideration, and that is even a relevant part of the decision to purchase a service or product.

To better manage this content, the first thing to do is not to hide them. It is normal for a shop to have some negative or neutral reviews, this even maintains that sense of credibility.

Here are some key points to take advantage of testimonials in advertising:

1. Don't buy false testimonials

Avoid investing in a lot of fake testimonials, if your audience notices this they are likely to have a bad image of your brand.

Remember that we have experts in the removal of negative content and corporate reputation crisis management in case you are going through a similar situation.

2. Demonstrate the veracity of the testimonies

This is part of the above, the most effective advertising testimonials are the real ones, and it is best to demonstrate that truthfulness.

For example, you can allow to add a profile picture or to add data such as the location and of course the name of the user.

3. Acquire high-value reviews

This has nothing to do with buying reviews, but it does you can leave certain incentives to encourage your shoppers to leave reviews.

The Wish platform even gives certain discounts on shipping or purchases in exchange for a slightly longer review, and suggests that users upload a photo of the product they received, which is a real plus.

If you can even obtain a video in testimony formatIt's a very good idea, even this is very popular on corporate websites.

So how do you capture advertising testimonials and increase your sales?

You must understand that far from being forgotten, we must learn to manage them and take advantage of them. Because the group of positive testimonials helps us to build a good brand reputation, ask for our service of Acceleration and management of Reviews and receive a professional assessment.

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