UX / Heatmaps / Recordings

The UX analysis service, heat maps and recordings will generate more information than the analytics system currently in place on your website can give you. You will be able to know what works and what doesn't and know how each user navigates and views your website. You will also be able to ask questions to your visitors to know their experience in real time.
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Heatmaps gives you an overview of how users interact with a page. Find out how far they scroll, which buttons they click and what content they skip over.


Recordings allow you to see your website through the eyes of your visitors. Watch their mouse movements, the pages they visit and where they encounter difficulties.


Add response widgets to your key pages so you know exactly what people think about them. If something is confusing or unappealing, you'll know right away.

It eliminates assumptions and subjective opinions.

Eliminate personal evaluations of your website. Act directly on the problem, detect errors and improve directly.

User Experience (UX) Experts

More than 15 years of experience

We have extensive experience in planning, managing and optimising code and tracking in Google Analytics Universal and now GA4. We work with companies in a multitude of sectors, sizes and countries.

→ We implement relevant and coherent changes.

UX / Heatmaps / Recordings

How we generate good results through UX

Through the following process you will have a well planned, integrated and managed UX analysis system. You will have the best relevant information to make decisions that impact your results.
Step 1

UX Audit

We analyse your UX tracking and reporting system. We assess what improvements are necessary to implement this tracking system.
Step 2

We create a setup or migration strategy

We propose a UX measurement system customised to your profile and interests.
Step 3

We execute and manage

The UX tracking and reporting strategy requires a well-executed management by experts. It is not about measuring and integrating a lot but about doing the right thing and in this aspect experience is important.
Step 4

Results and guidance

We show you what results we are generating through integrated tools and well-configured conversions. We target campaigns based on KPIs and above all taking into account what your business needs.
Step 5

Real time dashboards 360º

We connect all the data into dashboards that display information in real time. These dashboards are tailored to your needs.