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Good planning when approaching a busy sales season can help you achieve more sales at a lower cost.

Digital Response

Response time is a key KPI in a company's digital customer service strategy. Fast and efficient response time can help companies improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and reduce costs.

Google Analytics Backup

In this infographic we show how the migration to Google Analytics 4 will proceed and in which phases the complete deletion of accumulated data from Analytics Universal will take place.


Do negative reviews affect your decision to buy? How many stars do you start to rate reviews positively to make a decision to buy/contract?


It is an interesting time to capture the more price-sensitive user and increase online turnover at a time of early Christmas shopping.


Digital advertising needs to be clearer, we need to take advantage of a number of digital marketing trends to get right what the customer might need.

Returns in ecommerce

Online returns are expensive for companies. They started out as a way to boost online shopping when it was not so common, but now that it is, it is a significant revenue drain for companies.

User behaviour

This study seeks to address issues closely related to digital advertising investment and the decisive aspects that influence users in their decision making process when buying or contracting.


This study uncovers data on users' digital behaviour when planning a trip, their use of platforms and how they behave before, during and after the trip.