Guaranteed media publication

The media publication allows you to stay in the minds of your customers and offer new services or products.

Would you like your brand to appear in the media? We prepare press releases and guarantee their publication. You will strengthen your reputation and multiply your visibility. A positive brand reputation generates loyalty and increases customer trust. eXprimeNet helps you to shape and maintain control of the public perception of your product, brand or person.

360º Tracking to achieve the

of the conversion funnel
Preparation of reports

Fast and precise

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Collection and integration in


Immediate data for
and achieve the best ROAS

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Sentiment Analysis

Quickly separate negative mentions from positive ones, so you can better design a communication strategy for your brand.

Alert and immediate reaction

We send you email notifications in real time every time you are mentioned. React on the spot and manage all good or bad reactions.

Competitor analysis

Find out how and where a brand is being talked about, what brand actions are active and take advantage of these analyses to boost your brand.

Proactive protection

When you receive a negative mention you need to act quickly to mitigate the damage caused to your business, so it is essential to keep an eye on your online brand.

360º digital tracking

We track search trends, reviews, social networks, forums, blogs, media publications, directories, comments, interactions, sources, search engines, news, mentions...

Displacement of negative news

We overcome any negative content quickly. We position positive articles and news and make you stand out for the right reasons. We remove the visibility of negative content and minimise the impact on your reputation.

Reputation reports

Analyses tailored to your needs. You will get a complete report with all the information.

Guaranteed advertising in major media outlets

Stand out from your competition. You will strengthen your reputation and multiply your visibility.
We have a team of legal experts who will help you remove negative content that harms you.

Content writing

We generate press releases optimised for web positioning through corporate communication, seeking to generate online presence in various media and social networks.

Reputation Management Experts

More than 15 years of experience

We have extensive experience in reputation planning, management and optimisation. We work with companies in a multitude of sectors, sizes and countries.

If you are still not sure what media publishing has to offer, write to us!

→ We implement relevant and coherent changes.

Guaranteed media publication

How do we generate good results in Brand Reputation?

Through the following process you will have a well planned, integrated and managed Brand Reputation system. You will have the best relevant information to make decisions that impact your results.
Step 1

Brand audit

We analyse your current reputation. We assess what improvements are necessary to implement this Brand Reputation system.
Step 2

We create a setup or migration strategy

We offer you a Brand Reputation measurement system customised according to your profile and interests.
Step 3

We execute and manage

Brand Reputation strategy requires a well-executed management by experts. It is not about measuring and integrating a lot but about doing the right thing and in this aspect expertise is important.
Step 4

Results and guidance

We show you what results we are generating through integrated tools and well configured conversions. We guide actions and strategies based on KPIs and above all taking into account what your business needs.
Step 5

Real time dashboards 360º

We connect all the data into dashboards that display information in real time. These dashboards are tailored to your needs.