Integration of Google's consent mode

If you operate in the EU or EEA we help your data-driven marketing practices continue uninterrupted, you need a consent management solution approved by Google and compatible with the latest version of Google's consent mode.
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You must act now

If you are a user of Google services (e.g. GA4, Google Ads, gtag and Google Tag Manager), you need to act now. Implement the Cookiebot CMP consent solution and indicate user consent in a simple and automated way by March 2024.

Guarantee your results

Using Google's v2 consent mode ensures you receive vital consent analytics and information through conversion models and even de-identified data.

Set up your consent notice

We analyse your website to automatically detect and classify all cookies and trackers in use. Fully configure and customise your consent notice. Tailor it to the look and feel of your website, geo-target your audience and comply with relevant data privacy regulations.

Implementation of cookie banners

Google v2 consent mode will be automatically activated so that you can collect and indicate valid user consents for Google services such as Google Analytics 4, Google Ads or gtag.

Audience Intelligence Experts

More than 15 years of experience

We have extensive experience in planning, managing and optimising cookie management and data privacy policies. We work with companies in a wide range of sectors, sizes and countries.

→ We implement relevant and coherent changes.

Consent Mode 2 Google Digital Consulting Experts

How we help you make your use of cookies and online tracking compliant today

The following cookie analysis and privacy compliance process will provide you with relevant information about your current situation and how we are going to adapt it to the current regulations.
Step 1

Cookie and pixel audit

We analyse your current pixel and cookie system. We classify and guide you on which ones you can improve, keep or delete.
Step 2

Cookie integration

Maintenance and support based on regulations
Step 3

Adaptability to regulations

We prepare your website and the cookie banner so that it complies with current regulations.
Step 4

Traceability verification

We check that the cookies are activated and that the tracking tools are receiving the information correctly.
Step 5

Real time dashboards 360º

We monitor and update your monthly compliance with current regulations and keep you up to date.