PPC Management

We manage all Paid Search, Paid Social, Shopping, Performance Max, Video, Smart TV, Native Ads, Local Ads, Call Ads, Smart Ads, Remarketing and Display campaigns in a coordinated way. We effectively manage budget and work with our team of experts to maximise ROI, drive traffic and conversions.

We manage at PCC

more than 6.000.000€.

of investment per year

We are at the TOP of agencies

Google Premier

ONLY A 3% makes it

We managed to optimise

up to a 50%
the most relevant kpis
We have trained

+ More than 1,000 students

google trainner suppliers

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We audit your PPC campaigns

A comprehensive audit for accounts with active campaigns that analyses performance, settings, competition, ads, conversions and landing pages.

We review keywords, audiences, competition, ads and PPC bids.

We select the keywords based on what you need. In this analysis we evaluate what your competition is doing.

We plan, create, manage and optimise

Our team plans, creates and optimises. We get involved in the accounts we manage. Optimised management does not require massive changes but the implementation of the most relevant changes. 

24/7 support, maintenance and monitoring

As investment managers, we are 100% available to resolve issues, answer questions and execute and monitor campaigns when necessary.

PPC Managers Experts

More than 15 years of experience

We have extensive experience in planning, managing and optimising PPC campaigns across Google, Bing, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest, Spotify and other platforms. We work with companies, a multitude of sectors, sizes and countries.

→ A coordinated strategy across PPC channels


How we manage to generate good results

Through the following PPC Management process, we optimise advertising campaigns on paid per click channels from the very first minute.

Step 1

PPC Audit

We analyse your PPC campaigns, we investigate what the competition is doing, we look for steps to immediately optimise your investment.

Step 2

We create a strategy

We propose a coordinated PPC campaign structure between the different channels based on the objectives you need to achieve.

Step 3

We execute and manage

PPC strategy requires a well-executed and expertly managed strategy. It also needs to be consistent across all paid channels involved.
Step 4

Results and guidance

We show you what results we are generating through integrated tools and well-configured conversions. We target campaigns based on KPIs and above all taking into account what your business needs.
Step 5

Real time dashboards 360º

We connect all data into dashboards that display information in real time. These dashboards are tailored to your needs and show information from all channels.