Google Tag Manager

eXprimeNet offers you a team of experts in Google Tag Manager. We will help you to unify the management of pixels and codes of the different tools, avoiding customised implementations on the web and centralising all incidents. Manage all your tags without having to edit any code. Google Tag Manager allows you to manage tags in a simple, reliable and integrated way.
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We audit the integration of codes, pixels and tracking.

A thorough audit will help you achieve seamless integration and trigger actions or campaigns by better gathering information and taking advantage of all the data generated.

We connect each resource

All the tools you use to have an online presence can be connected to each other and all the data generated can be used together. Integration allows for advanced user traceability.

Data storage

The codes or pixels generate information that can be used at reporting and campaign level to be more effective. A digital project can create its own resources for success.

Advanced and customised insights

Integrating all data in a 360° reporting system will allow you to have very useful and simple information in real time in order to avoid exhaustive and complex analyses.

Implementation and labelling

Initial setup, event measurement, dataLayer requirements definition, capture from dataLayer, ecommerce implementation, crossdomain configuration...

Labelling technology

You will have full control over how your tags are defined and activated to get all the data you need.

Google Tag Manager Experts

More than 15 years of experience

We have extensive experience in planning, managing and optimising codes and tracking in Google Tag Manager. We work with companies in a multitude of sectors, sizes and countries.

→ We implement relevant and coherent changes.

Google Tag Manager

How GTM's tracking and reporting helps us generate good results

Through the following tracking and reporting process, we have relevant, integrated information and are able to optimise paid campaigns in a very precise way.
Step 1

Tracking and reporting audit

We analyse your tracking and reporting system with Google Tag Manager integration. We analyse what improvements are needed.

Step 2

We create a strategy

We propose a tracking and reporting structure in GTM that is customised according to your profile and interests.

Step 3

We execute and manage

The tracking and reporting strategy in Google Tag Manager requires a well-executed management by experts. It is not about measuring and integrating a lot but about doing the right thing and in this aspect experience is important.

Step 4

Results and guidance

We show you what results we are generating through integrated tools and well-configured conversions. We target campaigns based on KPIs and above all taking into account what your business needs.
Step 5

Real time dashboards 360º

We connect all the data into dashboards that display information in real time. These dashboards are tailored to your needs.