Content marketing trends that will be big in 2024

Here are some content marketing trends that will have a big influence in 2024.  We are facing a very changing landscape, and this is not only influenced by the development of new tools such as GPT Chat and other content-generating software through artificial intelligence. 

The reality is that the world as we know it has been changing at an almost accelerating pace, it has also led to some changes in consumer behaviour. 

For example, a recent study by Google showed that only 3% of users feel that their data is backed up. when purchasing a product or service online. 

This shows that one of the main digital marketing trends in 2024 will be to convey security and transparency to users mainly in relation to the handling of their personal data. 

All these changes mean that some content marketing strategies can be much more useful, as they are in tune with what the audience actually expects to receive. 

Stick around and find out which content marketing trends will deliver the best results in 2024. I'll reveal some not-to-be-missed tips!

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Top content marketing trends

In such a changing society, it is really necessary to take the time to analyse which strategies will work best by being well targeted to users' interests. 

The following are some of the most recent content marketing trends that have been explained by content marketing specialists, including the assessment of some of Google's top professionals.

Long Tail Keyword

In terms of digital marketing trends, Google has recognised that the influence of artificial intelligence will continue to be a talking point in the current year. 

He also highlighted the relevance of having a collaborative methodology for harnessing the benefits of AIwithout losing sight of human ingenuity.

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Content really focused on the target audience 

According to a study conducted by the popular tool SemRush, at least 44% of the content marketers interviewed considered that for the current year Increasing the quality and personalisation of content will be key to success. 

Although there are more and more tools for automation, and some have even implemented strategies to generate content through artificial intelligence, this content can be flat or very generic. 

And don't lose sight of the digital marketing trends that have been gaining momentum in recent years, such as humanise the brand or create 100% content targeted at the audience. 

It is also necessary to have a well-substantiated reason for deciding to produce certain content, and not to generate texts or any other content just for the sake of having something to present. 

Content marketing trends

This leads to a very useful recommendation that is related to the need to generate content that is consistent with the real search needs of users. It consists of use Google Trends to plan your content strategies. 

Analysing what topics are trending is a fundamental aspect, especially because you will be able to share high-value content in accordance with a visible need.

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Research the audience and understand their needs

This has a lot to do with the previous aspect, so it reaffirms that it is one of the most relevant content marketing trends today. 

According to SemRush 47% of the effectiveness of a content marketing strategy will depend on researching the target audience. Know their tastes, their real needs and their expectations. 

Also, in 2024, it will be key to understand the current context and make changes on the fly when necessary. 

For example, according to a study by Google, users are starting to transform their vision to target the value of a product or service. 

Previously the value of a product was more related to its link between quality and price, Although promotions and discounts will continue to be attractive, they will not be the only important thing. 

The actual usefulness of the products or services in accordance with the context in which they are being provided as well as the influence of sustainability will be key to attracting and sustaining audience interest.

Expanding interest in the Google search box

The Google search experience has evolved over time. 

It has even integrated a combined search function where the user can view images and read valuable content associated with them. 

All this leads us to the fact that another of the important content marketing trends The current situation has to do with adapting to this evolution of the search box and to the demands that Google has demonstrated. 

For example, your content should be useful to the reader by delivering what you have promised. Let's say you did a how-to article, theParagraphs should not be padding but the information should be geared towards explaining the process. 

What should we not do? 

  • Avoid repetitive content. 
  • Don't make content that does not satisfy the search intent. 
  • Your content should not be generic or flat. 

What should we do? 

  • Your content should be clear, concise and practical. 
  • It is worth leaving examples or detailing a series of steps. 
  • The content should satisfy the search intent as much as possible. 
  • It is useful to add citations or statistical studies to generate reliable support for the content.

Search intent analysis is one of the most relevant trends in content marketing. 

Specialists suggest paying attention to the contents that have already been positioned, not to copy them but to understand what has worked to gain Google's sympathy. 

You should analyse at least the following aspects: 

  • Structure and content management 
  • Themes added to the central topic 
  • Target keyword management 
  • Extent of content and elements added 

Content marketing trends

Once you have done this, you must ask yourself a very important question, What value can you provide to satisfy the search intent that will outperform the already ranked content? 

You may find this question very challenging, but you can always find room for improvement. Perhaps you can leave more examples, some of them case-oriented. 

Or you could take advantage of more current statistical data, share useful tips or tools to facilitate a task. 

In this way you go beyond just satisfying a search intention.You will give a more complete content to your audience.

What content marketing trends will there be in 2024?

Remember that 100% content focused on your audience is one of the main content marketing trends, but it is not the only one. 

You should also take into account other aspects of your planning, such as analysing the evolution of the Google search experienceThe main topic of the search is the main topic of the search, queries added to the main topic and mixed searches. 

Finally, it is worth bringing value but also innovation to your content. Don't do everything that everyone else is doing, but keep it as a reference and consider improving it. Good luck with your digital business!

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