Summer Sales 2022 in the Valencia Region

A large number of Valencians are convinced to spend in the summer sales, let's see what the polls say

In addition to its export potential, Valencia has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. And, as is happening worldwide, e-commerce is growing steadily. In fact, El Español said that "consumers in the Valencian Community lead the Spanish ranking in Internet shopping".

One of the most eagerly awaited periods for Valencians are the summer sales and even the media recommend consumers to be attentive during the first days of the season in order to get better prices and a variety of sizes.

This means that the retail sector in the Community of Valencia is preparing itself with good marketing strategies. And, to support its design, eXprimeNet conducted a market study that reveals information that will allow Valencian businesses to make accurate marketing decisions.

Designing good marketing strategies makes a significant difference when it comes to attracting customers. For example, El Corte Inglés and Zara, thanks to their marketing, are the retailers with the best reputation in times of sales, according to Puromarketing.

Valencians in the sales season 

Each autonomous community has a start date for the summer sales. In the Valencian Community there are several shops that are ahead of schedule. El Corte Inglés" was one of those who went ahead, using its app and website to present the sales on a June night at 22:00 hours, as reported by 7Televalence. 

The digital marketing consultancy eXprimeNet, after consulting 1005 Valencians about consumption and summer sales, issued reports that should be considered by retail businesses. This, because it confirms, among other things, that 92% of consumers would spend on the summer sales promotion.

The above figure is an interesting variable for retailers who must act efficiently in order to be able to meet the seasonal demand. To do so, they must be ready in the first weeks of the period, as the same study found that by the first half of July, 34% had already made their purchases.

How willing are Valencians to shop during the summer sales?

As part of its study, eXprimeNet surveyed male and female residents of the Valencian community aged 16 and over via social networks. The study found that consumers were already interested in taking advantage of the summer sales during the third week of June. 

In this studyIn the survey, it was stated that 55% of Valencians would spend the same amount as last year, despite inflation and uncertainty. While 26% were willing to spend more. 

In terms of the amount of Euros they were willing to spend, the results were distributed as follows:

  • The 39% would spend less than 100€.
  • The 42% between 100€ and 200€.
  •  A 11% would spend between 200€ and 300€. 
  • A 8% over 300€.

In the Valencia Region, there are two main segments that stand out in terms of expenditure:

  • Fashion and Accessories with 27% 
  • Electronics with 29%. 

It is followed by: The Sport and Health segment with 12%. Equal at 10% are the Home and Household appliances segments. Also equal at 6% are the segments of reading, music and video games; and, perfumery and beauty.

With this information, retailers can redirect their marketing strategies to increase their sales targets, bearing in mind, of course, that a good marketing campaign cannot focus only on offering lower prices. This is why specialist advice is essential to design a successful strategy.

What do Valencians think about the summer sales?

91% of the surveyed population agrees that there are good discounts and that these are opportunities they should take advantage of. Another important finding is that 64% of the population is waiting for sales to buy.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that according to Sonitron, "2022 summer sales boost in-store footfall by 21.5%"and that "2022 summer sales attract 24.9% more people than last year's campaign".

Most searched brands in Google in the Valencia Region

Table 1 lists the brands most searched by the community on Google during the summer sales period.

Item Brands
01 Tous
02 Calzedonia
03 Adolfo Dominguez
04 El Corte Inglés
05 Zara
06 Parfois
07 Massimo Dutti
08 Handle
09 Stradivarius
10 Guess
11 Pull and Bear

Table 1. Most searched brands in Google for the Valencian Community

As can be seen, the study provides important information to design and adjust the marketing plan for retailers. Knowing what customers think and what they prefer makes it easier to design the strategy for this season. In any case, seek the advice of a specialised agency will always be the best alternative to be efficient in the design of different strategies.