Incredible 2024 marketing trends and predictions from Google

Google has already revealed the marketing trends for 2024, the best thing about analysing this information is that it is based on various statistical studies which test aspects such as consumer behaviour and their real needs. 

Knowing about digital marketing trends in the new year is a benefit for small and large brands, as well as for start-ups and online shops. 

By anticipating the expectations of potential customers, it helps to stay one step ahead of the competition. best marketing strategies ensuring that they are aligned with brand objectives. 

In this post you will be able to analyse aspects such as the following: 

  • What are the needs and expectations of consumers? 
  • What are the main marketing trends 2024? 
  • Which digital marketing strategies are going to be successful in the new year? 

Stay to the end and learn Google's revealed secrets that can improve your digital business performance by 2024. Let's get started!

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What are consumers' expectations?

Every year both Google and various institutions dedicated to the management of digital marketing, strive to carry out studies to analyse consumer behaviour and estimate their main expectations. 

Understand the expectations of your potential customers will help you know what your audience expects to receive from your brand. 

Once this information is obtained, it is much easier to target customer acquisition and sales strategies to exceed these expectations. 

Let's see what Google has to say about what users expect from digital businesses.

The need to maintain data privacy

A recent study found that only 3% of consumers of online products feel they have real control over their data. 

Whereas, 43% of the consumers said want to switch to a brand that makes them feel more transparency and support for the handling of your data. 

During this year, brands will have to strive to offer transparency and security to their potential customers, the care of personal data must be the main management. 

On the other hand, one way of conveying more transparency and security will be through the advertising testimonials. It is important that customers of your business can leave reviews to convey more confidence to other users.

Price adaptation or payment flexibility 

This can be a sensitive issue because although it reflects a reality that cannot be ignored, the decisions taken in this regard must be handled with great caution. 

From the negative economic effects of the worsening pandemic in 2020 and 2021 to conflicts such as the war in Ukraine, it is evident that we are facing a situation of financial instability. 

Because of this, customers are much more aware of promotions, discounts or even payment facilities. 

Offering multiple payment methods is a very useful aspect of reaching as many customers as possible, and providing the possibility to generate instalment payments is a real plus. 

It is worth considering how you can offer some discounts, but this should not be at the cost of reflecting losses in your profits. 

On the other hand, promotions can be targeted at your most loyal customersor those users who have left their shopping cart with products without having made a formal purchase. In this case, it acts as an important incentive that could help to make the sale. 

While knowledge of 2024 marketing strategies is a real necessity today, it is also essential to assess how we use that information.

marketing trends 2024

Top marketing trends 2024

According to Google, keeping an eye on microchanges is key to fine-tuning your digital marketing strategy according to the changing landscape. 

This is a situation that can be quite unstable or unpredictable, and according to Google, brands must learn to deal with this in the best way possible so that the message they convey to their audience takes into account the current context. 

The Airbnb platform in France decided to change some aspects of its digital marketing strategy after a cost of living increase was declared in the country. 

marketing trends 2024

In order to be able to take into account what users really expect in accordance with what is happening at a given moment, it is worth analysing customer testimonials or comments on Social Media. 

Here I will share with you the key marketing trends 2024 according to the analysis and predictions of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

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The influence of artificial intelligence as marketing trends 2024

Artificial intelligence has been making rapid inroads in multiple spaces, and while some view this with suspicion, others have chosen to make the most of its functions. 

Marketing powered by artificial intelligence will be a trend that is likely to gain a lot of traction in the current year 2024. But experts suggest handling it responsibly and collaboratively. 

In our post about using Artificial Intelligence for SEO We reinforce the idea of taking advantage of the functions of this type of tools but without leaving aside the criteria of the professionals in this field.

For example, supporting a content marketing strategy by generating articles with artificial intelligence can help to consolidate a large amount of content in less time. 

But without the collaboration of a On-Page SEO professional and marketing, such content may appear to be empty, not personalised or targeted, or may even be flawed in terms of SEO. 

All this only means that it is important to maintain strategies where a balance between the use of today's most innovative tools and human ingenuity can coexist.

Social interest and focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that has made a lot of noise in recent years and has even started to become part of consumer trends. 

According to Google, part of the 2024 marketing trends will be related to the push around sustainability to consolidate efforts that will enable minimising pollutant emissions. 

Interest and support in social activities will also be highly appreciated and will help to convey more trust in brands. We are noticing that more and more companies are taking more responsibility for environmental and other social issues. 

For example, some brands have decided to donate part of their profits to various foundations in order to contribute to such important initiatives. 

Adaptation in terms of products or the way in which certain services are offered in order to encouraging a greater focus on sustainability will also remain a high-value trend. 

Even small brands or small companies can join such initiatives to the extent of their possibilities. 

These are measures that will speak well for the corporate image and offer several benefits that will be measurable in the long term.

Broadening the perspective on the search box 

Google has been evolving the way it allows searches and the way it displays search results. 

One of the most substantive changes is that of allow combined searches allowing both text and image results to be displayed. 

The use of artificial intelligence is also enabling a more detailed understanding of consumer search behaviour on Google. 

Take into account the topics associated with a main search and also consider the frequently asked questions that Google makes available around a search.

This will be excellent for the content marketing or to the creation of transactional copys that can actually address a user's search intent.

Value adjustments as a purchase incentive 

To conclude our guide to marketing trends 2024 we have the changes in the value of a product or service. 

Several studies support the theory that consumers are no longer relying solely on the criteria such as the price and the quality of a product or service in order to decide to make a purchase. 

Instead, aspects such as the value linked to sustainability and the synchronicity between the benefits of the purchased good and the real expectations of the customer will start to become more relevant. 

Digital marketers will have to take into consideration all of these approaches that will really dictate the undeniable evolution that is being witnessed at the societal level and which will impact on purchasing decisions.

marketing trends 2024

So, what to expect from marketing in 2024?

Marketing trends 2024 continue to point to the influence of artificial intelligence in analysing and executing customer acquisition and related strategies. 

The importance of sustainability and price adaptation or even the experience that a particular good can offer the customer, will continue to gain momentum.

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