3 Tools to analyse competition for free and grow your business

Find out what your competitors are doing with these free competitor analysis tools. While investing your time in fine-tuning your marketing strategy SEO positioning o SEM is important, you should not lose sight of what others are doing. 

It is not about trying to copy what your competitors are doing either, because innovation and creativity will be your greatest allies. Instead, analysing the competition will give you a broader perspective on what your competitors are doing. good and bad marketing practices. 

Some applications or software allow you to make an analysis focused on social media management, others help you to know what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO by analysing keywords, for example. 

Although many digital businesses do not take into account the importance of competitor analysis, the truth is that it is very valuable and I will tell you why in this post. 

In order for the planning of your Social Media Plan don't fail I will tell you how you can do a free analysis of your competition using highly functional tools. All set? Then let's get started and don't forget to take notes.

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How to analyse the competition for free? 

Before I tell you which are the best tools to analyse the competition for free online, I will show you in which areas your study or research is missing out. 

Every digital business is filled with a lot of variables and information that may seem traditional at first glance, but when we look closely we notice that they contain an essential part of the corporate identity. 

It is not valid to want to know what others who have a business similar to yours are doing, without taking into account what you really want to find out. So the first step is to identify the information that will be useful for you to know. 

Here are some recommendations that will guide you through the first steps of analysing the competition for free: 

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What variables do you want to study about the competition?
  • Are there any other interesting facts?

How to analyse the competition for free?

How to locate the competition?

While some are a little clearer about who their main competitors are, this is not the reality in all cases. 

But there is no need to worry because there is a very efficient formula to know who our competitors are. The first thing to do is to identify the main keywords with which your business will be positioned in search engines. 

Again, some cases are a bit easier, for example a garden products shop in Madrid could work with a main keyword like the following; gardening products in Madrid. 

However, if your business or project covers several areas, it may be a bit more difficult to know which are the main search terms you want to reach your audience for. 

I leave you with the following guide on how to handle search terms; How to do a free keyword analysis | Solutions 2024

Once you have defined these criteria you should enter the main search terms that define your business in Google. Now get the link of those businesses that are above your website in the search results. 

Note: SemRush has a free tool to identify your competition by researching your keywords and comparing them with those of other businesses pursuing similar goals.

Best FREE Competitor Analysis Tools

Here is a list of the best tools to analyse the competition for free on your website or on your social networks. 

One thing to keep in mind is that some of these tools are 100% free, others are 100% free. have some free and some paid featuresSome even have limited free trials. 

Choose the one that best suits your needs and get to work on your analysis!


Do you want to analyse the competition for free on social media? Klear helps you to get a fairly comprehensive analysis of profiles on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter now known as X. 

Conducting this type of research will help you to understand how your competitors are conducting their business. Social Media strategies. There is a trend known as benchmarking that facilitates precisely this option. 

Free competition analysis tools

Advantages of using the Klear tool 

  • It allows you to know the number of followers on various social networks. 
  • It helps to find out how often your competitors are posting. 
  • One of its most useful functions is to provide information about the interests of your competitors' audience. 
  • It allows you to access an average to assess the engagement your competitors get on their posts. 
  • It helps to identify potential viral content or content that has proved most popular with the audience.

Turbo Ad Finder 

If you want to locate free competitor analysis tools but you don't want to have to download any software that is cumbersome or difficult to use, this online resource will be extremely useful. 

Really Turbo Ad Finder is a Google Chrome extension, and among its main functions is the possibility of accessing a bar with Facebook ads where you can see the type of publications of your competitors. 

Advantages of Turbo Ad Finder 

  • Those tools that are extensions to Google usually rely on certain principles of its ecosystem. 
  • It has several free features that will help you analyse your competitors for free. 
  • It offers a number of functions that will allow you to fine-tune your Facebook Ads campaigns.

Free competition analysis tools

Similar web: the best way to analyse the competition for free online 

So far, the free competition analysis tools I have shared with you are focused on the study of Social Media

But the truth is that there are also excellent tools available for carry out a free competitor analysis in terms of visits and other website variables. 

Similar web is considered one of the best options to analyse the competition for free as it offers a very complete study where it integrates numerous items. 

Advantages of Similar Web 

  • It gives you an overall rating of total visits. 
  • It shows a graph with the evolution of web growth. 
  • It provides information about the engagement received by the competition and allows you to know which content works best. 
  • It also helps to find out from which parts of the world your competitors are getting their web traffic, so you can make sure you are not losing potential customers if they are off your radar. 
  • It also offers the analysis of other metrics such as bounce rate or organic positioning level.

Free competition analysis tools

How to analyse the competition for free?

If you want to analyse the competition for free on your social networks or on your website, the first thing to do is to guide your research towards competitors that may actually reflect a challenge in terms of the corporate objectives you have set out. 

On the other hand, do not focus on competitor analysis to try to copy what they are doing and what is possibly working for them. 

Instead, you should consider it to make small adjustments in your digital marketing strategies without neglecting the projection of your own corporate identity. 

One of the digital marketing trends that has taken off most firmly today is the ability to create a community who actually have an affinity with your brand, rather than just reaching as many people as possible without any real added value for your business.


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