Example of a digital marketing plan: 3 SUCCESS stories

Do you need to create a plan and don't know where to start? Here is an example of the most successful digital marketing plan.

Some people make the mistake of carrying out multiple digital marketing strategies without having a clear orientation about their objectives. It is not only a matter of generating efforts, but also of ensuring that these efforts are well sustained and in alliance with the proposed goals. 

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Here you will find out what it consists of creating a digital marketing plan and which are the best examples from brands whose success has reached international level. 

All set to take your business to the top? Remember that we have years of experience in the digital strategy and planning adapted to multiple types of business, for now take a look at the following examples.

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Example of a digital marketing plan that works

I'm not really going to give you a single example of a successful digital marketing plan, but I will share with you an ambitious list of plans that allowed great brands to multiply their success. 

It is important that you take these examples as inspiration but do not take these actions literally, remember that every business is different in itself.

Therefore, you should try to create your own planning in order to be able to verify good results in the medium term.

Example of a digital marketing plan: Grupo Bimbo

Before I explain in more detail what this example of a digital marketing plan consists of, I will tell you what its 4 fundamental pillars are: 

  • Demonstrate its philosophy as an intrinsic corporate value.
  • Present your marketing guidelines to the professional group. 
  • To highlight communication techniques. 
  • Make public the initiatives in which we collaborate. 

The latest digital marketing trends 2024 show that users have increased their interest in brands or companies that have supported sustainability initiatives. 

Starting from this point sounds like a high-value strategy the fact that the renowned Bimbo brand publicises the social initiatives in which it is involved.

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Emphasises purpose with a conscience  

Bimbo has made public that its corporate purpose is to create a highly sustainable, highly productive and highly humane company. 

In this example of a digital marketing plan There are two aspects that are consistent with the most successful trends today. 

Firstly, the idea of maintaining efforts to generate a brand with a conscience and linked to the most effective sustainability measures is reinforced. 

And in the other direction we have the ability to humanise the brand to give the company a voice and to be seen not just as a supplier but as a business with a valuable personality.

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Coca Cola marketing plan example

If you are looking for an example of a free marketing plan, it is wise to focus on the guidelines set out by today's most successful brands. 

And when we talk about digital marketing success the easiest thing to think of is Coca-Cola, they have taken their digital marketing success to the next level. strategies to humanise the brand and generate actions consistent with your Buyer Persona in a flawless way. 

One of the interesting aspects of its digital marketing plan is that they show flexibility in adapting to changes and new consumer needs. 

Principles of Coca Cola's sample digital marketing plan 

We appreciate fresh approaches where important values such as harmony, empathy and diversity are key. 

In order for you to understand a little better what this great company's approach is all about, here are its four fundamental pillars: 

  1. They strive to explain the reason behind their major decisions, basically being open with their audience about why they do what they do. 
  2. Their digital marketing strategies and advertising campaigns focus on highlighting their competitive advantages to always stand out from their competitors. 
  3. The brand also deals responsibly with issues of social interest, in which they express their concerns about the problems affecting our ecosystem today. 
  4. Many of their strategies take into account the ability to strengthen or improve the links between the audience and the brand, and emotional marketing has played a very important role in this respect.
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Example of Uber's digital marketing plan 

Continuing with our list of digital marketing plan examples, we are going to analyse the proposal and the Uber success story

Interestingly, they focus on overcoming all the challenges that may arise around pricing in order to offer competitive rates and increase the distribution rate. 

Although the type of service offered by this company is evident, they have focused their marketing strategies on branding, which confers differentiation and is very opportune to create solid ties with the audience. 

If you are looking for example of a digital marketing plan to reference in your strategy work in this area, it is appropriate to focus part of your efforts on branding and positioning. 

Social media management and optimisation has also been a key part of this company, and it expresses this in its digital marketing approaches. 

Uber is aware of the importance of advertising testimonials to increase loyalty of customers. It also generates content that can capture a higher level of engagement in order to be very active with the interaction with the audience.

Basic principles of this marketing plan

  • One of the company's most important strategic principles in creating its digital marketing plan has been to focus on segmentation in order to reach a target audience that can drive sales. 
  • Uber has also been very open about leveraging SWOT analysis to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement to continue corporate evolution. 
  • The ability to innovate and offer multiple facilities to its customers, especially through the development of digital applications, has been a key element. 
  • It has also been very strategic about the media in which it has placed its advertising spotsThe company is also trying to tap into areas of interest to millennials, such as Netflix.

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