Discover the potential of the Long Tail Keyword to improve SEO

Here I will tell you how to use your Long Tail Keyword list correctly and why they are a valuable resource to improve your website's organic SEO.

First of all, no matter if you have an online shop, a corporate website, a personal blog or an affiliate marketing website, KW Long Tails are valuable!

Long Tail keywords increase the conversion rateThis is because they are more specific search terms. If you are carrying out a content marketing strategy you should not leave these keywords out of the planning, here are the details.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

First things first, what is a long tail keyword? It is a search term that is characterised by being longer, more specific and with a lower number of monthly searches.

You are probably thinking, if the keyword represents few searches, why should I take it into account? I will give you not one but three reasons. Firstly, they tend to have a low level of competition.

Secondly, they are search terms that reflect a fairly specific interest in the user, so you can grab the attention of potential customers.

And thirdly, you can create a meta post with several Long Tail keywords, and so increase the likelihood that it will be positioned the content on the basis of several terms.

Examples of Long Tail Keywords

Now that you know what a Long Tail keyword is, it is important that you know how to differentiate it, so I will show you the opposite of this search term topology, the generic keyword.

Generic keywords are shorter, cover more precise information, and tend to have high search volumes.

For example, the following generic keyword terms are NOT Long Tail:

  • Women's clothing
  • Cheap computers
  • Nike Shoes
  • Cheap flights
  • SEO Consultant

If you Google "Nike shoes", you will be presented with an extensive list of options, as the term encompasses a lot of information.

However, What are Long Tail keywords like? I will give you the following examples to show you the difference.

  • Cheap women's winter clothing
  • Cheap flights to Madrid
  • How to create a WordPress website
  • Magnetic Case for IPad Pro 12.19

I want you to focus mainly on the last Long Tail keyword, someone who generates that search will probably have a real interest in buying that product, so it is convenient to include them in your marketing and copywriting strategies.

Where to find Long Tail keywords?

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for the analysis and planning of Long Tail Keywords. You can use it for free and it has a wide range of functions. However, it is not the only option available, there is also SemRush or Ubersuggest.

To improve the creation of this guide I have searched for the term: "How to create a website in WordPress", and I have noticed two aspects that I show you below.

Long Tail Keyword

With an average of 1,000 searches per month and low competitiveness, it becomes a search term that could be a little easier to rank for.

Now, most of the users that reflect that search may want to know about it because they want to create their website, and if you are a digital marketing agency you can show your services as solutions.

Starting from this Long Tail keyword I am going to show you other valuable keywords that could help you in the planning of your keywords to make a post.

  • How to make a website with wordpress
  • How to create a free wordpress website
  • Create a free wordpress blog
  • Create a wordpress website step by step
  • How to make a free wordpress website
  • How to create a professional website with wordpress from scratch

Why use Long Tail keywords?

Now that you know what these search terms are and how they work, it is worth knowing whether or not it is worth taking advantage of their functions. And the truth is that it is, because by using a Long Tail Keyword you can boost your SEO strategy and what is better, you could gain a larger audience in less time.

These are keywords that are a little easier to position.

Generic keywords that are not of the Long Tail type are usually more difficult to rank for, as they are highly competitive terms.

For example, it is not so easy to rank for the term "marketing agency", but the keyword "marketing and SEO agency" is a bit more specific, so it can be a bit less complex.

And if we look for "marketing and SEO agency in Madrid". we are being much more specific, so the results could be better. Although in that case we would also be working with a Local SEO style search term.

Use an SEO plugin

Remember that you can use relevant SEO plugins such as Semrushis a tool that helps you to measure the complexity of keywords, if you use it you will surely notice that they are easier terms to position.

If you have recently started your digital business and have been wondering why my website is not appearing in Google, you may need to improve your SEO strategy.

And in that case, a valuable idea is to take advantage of the use of the Long Tail keyword to facilitate the positioning of your website.

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You will attract a targeted audience

Another key aspect of how to make use of Long Tail keywords has to do with targeting a specific audience.

Let's say you have a website that you hope will generate money through affiliate marketing, and that website is all about Montessori parenting.

A generic keyword could be "Toys for children", while a long tail keyword could be "Montessori toys for babies from 0 to 6 months", you would be attracting the right audience to your website and this is key to conversion.

Final recommendations

Look at the Google questions section, they are usually Long Tail keywords, I show you in the following image.

Long Tail Keyword

Finally, I recommend that you search in the Google Ads Keyword Planner for a generic keyword and select Long Tail terms from that search. Good luck!

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