Frequently asked questions about Consent Mode V2

What is Consent Mode V2 and why is it essential for your company?
Google has launched Consent Mode V2 to collect browsing data from users who do not accept cookies.
It allows the collection of modelled data and two new consent variables to create audiences and optimise advertising campaigns.
Improve conversion attribution and make informed marketing decisions while respecting user privacy.

Frequently asked questions about Consent Mode V2

Is it enough to have a cookie banner?
No, it is necessary for the banner to register and transmit the acceptance or rejection of cookies.

What are the requirements for the cookie banner?
The accept and reject buttons should have equal visibility.
Do not use colours or formats that influence the user's decision.

What is Consent Mode?<br>
Adjusts the behaviour of the measurement labels according to the cookie acceptance values.

What is the difference between the original Consent Mode and Consent Mode V2?
V2 allows user data to be modelled without accepting cookies, increasing the volume and quality of data.

Do I need to have a Google-certified CMP?
It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Non-certified modules can be used as long as they comply with Google's specifications.

How can I check if I have Consent Mode implemented?
Using debugging tools in Google Tag Manager or browser extensions such as Google Analytics Debugger.

What are the new cookies that need to be set?
"ad_user_data" and "ad_personalization" to send user data related to advertising and personalised advertising, respectively.

Consent Mode V2 is crucial to obtain user data without accepting cookies, improve marketing decision making and comply with user privacy. It is important to ensure proper implementation of the cookie banner and cookie settings in Google Tag Manager.

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