How to improve a brand's reputation | Complete guide

Throughout this post we are going to analyse how to improve the reputation of a brand when some of the following have been evidenced negative content on the internet.

Undoubtedly, looking after a brand's reputation is a must to gain the trust of users and thus increase the chances of making a sale.

A business benefits from its good image, which increases its chances of building customer loyalty and reaching new customers.

However, nowadays it is much easier to have stumbles that affect reputation, such as negative content being perceived and going viral. In this post we will tell you how to manage this type of crisis.

Why is brand reputation important?

Broadly speaking, the reputation of a brand is related to the consumers' view of the brand. Depending on this view or opinion, they may take certain actions, such as being interested in making a purchase or rejecting the possibility of making a purchase.

What comes to mind when you think of Coca-Cola? Without a doubt, is a very well positioned brand worldwide.with a well-defined and successful business structure.

In addition, it has a good corporate image, where its advertising content seeks to evoke positive emotions in the audience. Undoubtedly, it is a company that has a great reputation and this has allowed it to consolidate its success.

On the other hand, having a bad reputation, the brand may stagnate its growth. A positive image on the part of the audience makes it easier to establish sales strategies that help you to become better known.

Therefore, joining efforts to care for, strengthen or improve a brand's reputation is a must.

Fun fact: According to Science Direct, 43% of customers spend more money on brands they are loyal to. So the reputation of a business determines the likelihood of capturing more or less sales.

How to improve brand reputation

How to improve brand reputation with strategies?

Now that you know what brand reputation is and why it is important, it is important to know what strategies to put in place to improve corporate image.

Take note of the following recommendations:

1. Conduct a customer satisfaction survey

The first step on how to improve a brand's reputation is to make an analysis of the current state of the business's image.

It is not advisable to generate actions that are not well supported. So it is important to assess what is being said about your brand.

We have specialists in the tracking media mentionsThis technique is ideal for finding out what opinions there are of your brand outside of the platforms under your control.

Of course, you have to add efforts to make the audience feel satisfied with your services or products, this is the basis of everything.

2. Differentiate your brand from the competition

A good technique for strengthening your brand's reputation from the start is to work very well on your branding.

In this way, your brand will have a personality and essence that will appeal to the audience, especially because it will not be part of the ordinary, thus achieving differentiation.

In addition to working on your visual image, your maca should have a promise. This is a message that is shared with your audience and that is is part of your value proposition.

While some people complicate themselves by providing a long and complicated message, it is best to promote a precise and above all achievable promise.

Keep in mind that you should outline a methodology where you will all aspects of your brand are in sync with each other with the personality and promise you have defined.

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3. Contribute valuable content in posts or social networks

A key thing about how to improve a brand's reputation is that it is necessary to invest in several efforts. One of these is to generate content that brings genuine value to the user.

A very practical example involves creating video tutorials to insert in the best posts of your blogs. This action will make your brand look like an authority in the business niche you are covering.

Having a YouTube channel can help increase your brand presenceThis means that you can also reach more users.

4. Enhance the customer experience with great service

If your brand has suffered a scandal and its reputation has declined, all is not lost. There are many techniques for advertising crisis management. But nothing will work if your team is not focused on delivering a quality customer experience.

Various studies have shown that users positively value a personalised and close treatment. On the other hand, they praise the punctuality and incentives, as well as the variety in both stock and payment methods.

It is important that all parts of your business function optimally. Some brands excel in product quality and variety, but suffer from poor customer service - balance is key!

How to improve brand reputation

5. Be consistent with this process

Finally, if you are wondering how to improve a brand's reputation, you should know that it is not a job that can be done overnight.

It is essential to maintain consistency in the process, including by studying how things have evolved. This helps to define certain improvements or allows adjustments to be made to optimise strategies.

Other tips on how to improve a brand's reputation

We want to share with you some final tips on how to improve the reputation of a brand. You should know that it is possible, although it is often not that easy. Put these techniques into action.

  • Make good use of search engines: you should do some research to find out what is being mentioned about your brand. With our services of digital reputation alerts we can help you do this analysis with great precision.
  • Keep a calendar of social media posts: your brand should have a strong presence on all possible channels, and social media helps to have a superior audience focus.
  • Learn how to manage negative content: Finally, you need to know how to manage negative content. The good news is that in some cases this can be eliminated.

Request our negative content removal service or our digital reputation alert service and discover the general opinion about your brand. We have a qualified team to help you boost your corporate image.

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