Linkedin Content Strategy + 3 Techniques

Are you interested in positioning yourself in this social network? Throughout this post I'll show you a content strategy for Linkedin that will will help you reach a wider audience in your profile.

Depending on the type of business or venture you run, it may be wise to invest in advertising on this social network.

Don't forget that we have a Linkedin Ads where our experts manage advertising and strategise to generate conversion by attracting the right audience.

Stay until the end of the post and find out more about key aspects of Linkedin positioning and how it is useful for the development of your business or to foster your professional growth.

Why positioning yourself on Linkedin is a good idea?

Although Linkedin is a well-known social network, if we compare the number of monthly active users versus Instagram users, we know that it does not have that level of popularity.

However, both entrepreneurs and professionals with a company can benefit from the growth of their Linkedin page. For example, you can publicise your business in an environment that is entirely corporate.

Also, having a quality Linkedin profile can help to capture a higher level of trustworthiness about your brand. Y this is key to building customer loyalty or to try to attract the attention of new users.

It is easier to make a sale if your business has a good reputation and has gained the trust of the audience. Y this is achieved through visibilityIf they don't know your business or brand, there will be no real opinion and this gives a sense of neutrality.

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Linkedin also has multiple functions to ensure that content reaches the ideal audience. For example, it has multiple tools for segmentation.

Linkedin content strategy

Linkedin content strategy

If you are thinking of increasing your numbers on this social network, it's time to learn about the content strategy for Linkedin that can help you with this purpose.

It is a social network that is different from others, because its focus is a little more specific. In fact, the content tends to make more use of certain resources than others. For example, infographics are better than YouTube videos.

Here are some tips on content strategy for Linkedin so you know how to increase your numbers on the platform.

Plan your content

The best thing you can do to shape your LinkedIn content strategy is to generate the planning.

This means that you should estimate in advance what you are going to publish on your account, identifying content that is of real interest to your audience. For your part, the most successful content is the content that is useful.How to or with guides.

One of the benefits of working with a content strategy for Linkedin is that you can anchor it with the content marketing strategy you are managing with your web site, driving views to your web site.

To be successful in your planning, keep the following in mind:

  • Assess trending topics that are relevant to your niche market.
  • Use a keyword analysis tool such as the Google ADS section and assess which keywords best suit your purposes.
  • Take advantage of how to keywords to create a guide or informative content.

Example: Suppose you have a management consultancy, you could create a text like the following; How to calculate my taxes more easily? You would be addressing a need and providing valuable content.

Seek to encourage engagement with your content

A good content strategy for LinkedIn is not only about reaching a wider audience, but which also seeks to promote engagement or interaction with users.

Ideally, you should try to get users to leave comments, and you can do this by structuring your texts in an emotionally meaningful way. The Storytelling technique is quite opportune for this.

By sharing a story you could encourage your audience to comment on their experience with a similar topic.

The more interaction you get, the more the algorithm will be able to display your content.

Incorporate images or infographics

It is fine to share your personal opinion on a topic if you are in a position to do so, but it is always a good idea to reinforce your content with a theoretical underpinning, textual quotations or graphics.

Statistical components are often very useful in Linkedin content strategy, it is a good idea to add a table or graph.

On the other hand, you can incorporate some infographics, this also tends to be a good idea.

Council: don't forget to add the caption to your image, if you also include the target keyword in the sentence, it will be very successful.

Other techniques to position yourself on Linkedin

So far you already know how to manage a good content strategy for Linkedin, however, to position yourself in this social network there are some elements that you still need to polish.

1. Select a keyword

You should define a main keyword that is consistent with your professional life, think about how the audience might find you.

It is important to use a keyword with a higher segmentation, either local or a more specific keyword. Here are some examples:

  • Commercial lawyer in Madrid.
  • Financial consultant in Malaga.
  • Property advisor in Valencia.

2. Make a presentation in your profile

In the presentation of your profile it is important that you also add the keyword, both in the headline and in the "about" section.

Include your years of experience, studies, professional experience, etc. Try to be friendly in your writing but use the appropriate technicalities, after all it is a corporate environment.

3. Modify the URL

If you want to position yourself on Linkedin it is key that you work on this, you must modify your URL so that your audience can easily find your profile organically.

This social network usually adds a URL with numbers, the best thing to do is to edit it and put your company name or your name.

How to position yourself on Linkedin?

You can certainly do this with a good content strategy for Linkedin and also by eliminating the mistakes in your profile, as we have suggested. Let us know how it goes!

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