Is creating a mobile app a good idea for your digital business?

Here we will tell you how to create a mobile app to increase the growth of your digital business, and why you should invest in this project.

Broadly speaking, having a mobile app is great for growing your audience and building customer loyalty. In fact, according to Shopify more than 50% of user visits come from mobile devices.

Of course, by developing an App you will have a tool available to your audience from a medium they are very familiar with.

In addition, users highly value having a close and personalised service. to enable them to achieve quick solutionsBoth demands can be well covered by a mobile App.

According to Google Play data, there are 1.6 million applicationsand the number of users accessing this content is growing every year.

Some people think that creating a mobile app is only good if you are a prestigious brand like Shein. Wrong! Nowadays even SMEs benefit from this phenomenal resource, stay until the end of the post and find out why.

Why would your digital business benefit from a mobile app?

Many people have a belief that mobile applications are only good for developing games or creating Social Media platforms, and this is false.

Today creating a mobile application is fully accessibleAnd what's more, it offers significant benefits. Even companies benefit from this tool to optimise and modernise their services.

But if you run a digital business or have an online shop, offering a mobile app will be by far a good alternative.

Here are some reasons for this.

1. Develop a direct sales channel

Creating a mobile application gives you a very direct marketing and even sales channel.

In addition, if a user decides to download your App, it is because they are serious about making a purchase, you will have an audience of potential customers.

It is ideal that you keep the attention of the audience, this can be with promotions, temporarily discounted productssurprises, etc.

If your App becomes monotonous, users will not spend much time on it. But if you are constantly looking for attention, you will have more capacity.

how to create a mobile application

2. Increases business accessibility

The magic of online sales is that a user can buy something at 2am for example. And if you have a good application with optimal development, it will be easy to enable this.

This will also allow your audience to be more connected to your business, removing any barriers.

Users are very welcoming to the mobile applications that are intuitive, interactive and easy to use.

This way, they will always have what they need at hand. It is appropriate that the development of your App seeks to be user-friendly, allowing a smooth and comfortable navigation.

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3. Helps reinforce brand image

Big brands are looking to grab every possible medium whenever the numbers show that there are good opportunities.

This permanence of brands makes them more accessible and present, and of course influences the audience's perception of the brand.

When a business decides to go all in with its digital presence, it creates a better image through recognition.

Do you want your business to be a reference in the commercial niche? A good first step is to create a mobile application. Y it is not necessary to invest a large sum of money in this.There are alternatives at excellent prices.

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4. Enables increased customer engagement

Your audience will always want to be more engaged, and depending on the approach you take with your App, you can make this easier to achieve. Even SMEs or businesses take advantage of the benefits of mobile app development.

In the case of companies, they can leave content of value for the audience and this will help to keep them aware of new developments.

Let's say you have a company that sells infoproducts, you could leave a section for free courses that are available on your App. It's like a free sample that can serve as a hook for your audience.

How to create a mobile application for your business?

Creating a mobile application does not have to be a complicated or even expensive task, in fact there are many options available today.

You can create a simple but highly functional App and take advantage of this tool.

However, beyond the technical elements that a professional in the web development and applications can tell you, there is a logistical assessment that you need to take into account.

Define your objective

Of course, the objectives regarding the creation of a mobile app will depend on the concept of your business. An app for an online shop does not have the same needs as an app for a company.

You must visualise what needs your mobile application is going to cover, for this you must also you must take into account your Buyer personato understand the real needs of your audience.

It is a good idea to write down all your ideas so that it is easier to communicate them to the App developer.

how to create a mobile application

Design a structure

After you have defined the main objective, you will certainly be able to assess functions and your idea of having a mobile application will take more shape.

Ask the developer to provide you with a prototype of the application so that you can see your idea implemented at least in an unofficial version.

Develop the idea

The part of creating the architecture of the application will allow you to generate certain adjustments or even remove some function or idea that did not fit well.

On the other hand, it is important to have the planning and implementation part ready to some extent, it is key that you get the App up and running. It is important for the developer to be attentive to the implementation in order to detect any kind of error in time.

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