What is CRO in marketing? 3 Important Phases

In this opportunity we are going to analyse what is CRO in marketing and what are the benefits of taking this data into account to boost your SEO strategy. Mainly, CRO means Conversion Rate Optimization in English.

CRO is also defined as a set of techniques that are applied with the aim of increase the optimisation of a website and to encourage the acquisition of web traffic.

Stay until the end of this post and discover the importance of CRO management within your company. digital marketing strategyespecially if you have taken advantage of Inboud Marketing in your methodology.

What is CRO in marketing?

In a very basic way we can define that CRO in marketing is the conversion rate. Therefore, it is the percentage of users who go through the necessary process to generate a conversion.

It also defines those users who are part of the web traffic but do not do much else, so it gives us two components. And this is why, CRO in marketing has a formulawhich is as follows

Conversion Rate = Number of Leads / Number of Visits x 100

Therefore, any digital expert will have as one of its main purposes to increase the conversion rate or CRO rate.

What are the differences between SEO and CRO in marketing?

It is important to know that SEO and CRO in marketing are not the same thing, although they are of course related.

Let's start by understanding what SEO is, by paying attention to the acronyms Search Engine OptimisationThe most accurate translation is "Search Engine Optimisation".

It is therefore a set of SEO techniques and strategy that seek to improve web positioning and attract more traffic to be more visible to the target audience.

An SEO specialist does many activities, he/she can carry out a SEO audit and even implement practical strategies such as content marketing. Therefore, this is not the same as CRO.

CRO is a group of strategies whose purpose is to increase the percentage of sales or, in other words, to generate conversions (either in leads or sales).

Of course, a good marketing strategy must promote SEO but without neglecting CRO because it is the sense that gives more profitability to the application of these methodologies.

SEO can benefit the CRO because it increases visits from potential buyers, but there must be other strategies in between that make that audience generate actions, and above all that the business captures sales.

What is CRO in marketing

Example of CRO in marketing

Let's say you have an online shop selling organic cosmetics, and you have worked on SEO techniques such as content marketing.

Then one day you notice that you already have 1000 visits, and then you notice that of that amount 3% generates sales, in that case we are talking about 30 sales.

It is important that this level increasesAnd that's what CRO techniques are for.

Inboud Marketing is important in this area because it seeks to promote the level of conversion or CRO, which is what people aspire to most with their digital projects.

Importance of CRO for the success of Inboud Marketing

Inboud Marketing is one of the main conversion strategies nowadays, it seeks to make users follow a series of steps so that they end up taking a certain action, such as leaving their data or generating a sale.

The importance of CRO in marketing is clearbecause it is part of the end result that the sales funnel strategy is aiming for. However, it is worth knowing that there are several types of conversion to aim for.

In fact, in the Inboud Marketing a series of statuses are defined that are assigned according to where a user is in the Funnel.

If you plan to look for strategies to increase the CRO ratio in your business, you may want to take a look at the following conversion rates you can achieve.

  • Conversion: is the completed action of a user depending on the objectives of the website. For example, it can be the acquisition of a lead or a sale.
  • Microconversion: are a type of conversion that is perceived as smaller in scale, like small achievements perceived by the website, such as a user staying on the site or generating several clicks.
  • Macroconversion: these are conversions that occur in groups, e.g. a user going through several stages of the sales funnel, or the process of contracting a service.

What are the phases of CRO in marketing?

So far we have defined what CRO in marketing is, it is important to understand what the phases of the conversion rate are in order to understand the role it plays in digital marketing.

Identification of the problem

An SEO audit can help determine which aspects can be optimised to increase the conversion rate.

For example, an expert can identify a high level of rebound and suggest doing something to counteract this. This is why it is useful to have a professional assessment, this will help to understand the behaviour of the audience in order to promote improvements.

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2. Assess areas for improvement

A good CRO technique in marketing will also help to identify opportunities for improvement.

Of course, to make this a reality you must first have a thorough analysis of your website. Google Ads or even the Google Search Console metrics analysis can help you to see those points of improvement.

It is also important that you can generate a list of priorities, from the most urgent to the least urgent.

3. Make a plan and use tests

Once you know what is going wrong or what you can apply to improve the CRO rate, it is advisable to draw up a working hypothesis, for this you can consolidate a strategy with the help of an expert.

Finally, it is very helpful if you use tests that allow you to quantitatively measure progress and make adjustments if necessary. On the other hand, it is advisable to use more than one test and take into account the final result.

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