Google Search Console and its fundamental role in SEO positioning

Google Search Console is one of the fundamental tools to cover the analytics part of your SEO strategy. It will help you check that everything is working optimally and make it easier for you to measure the results of the techniques applied.

In addition to telling you how Google Search Console worksWe will tell you why it is so important to take care of the correct indexing of your website.

Because, you can have a great content marketing strategy, and not be successful due to a basic technical problem, non-indexation. Find out how to improve your web positioning and take advantage of the Google Webmaster Tools reports.

How does Google Search Console work?

It is a platform developed by Google that makes available a series of tools that allow you to analyse your website and even optimise it.

Using the Search Console functions is key for Google to fully understand your site and to have a better place for it in the users' search results.

But above all, it will show you that the contents of your web site have indeed been processed and displayed by the search engine. Otherwise, you will not be able to increase your audience engagement.

The best thing about this platform is that you can access to free SEO positioning tools. And while it has paid features, it is far more comprehensive than any other expensive resource.

How do I add Google Search Console to my website?

We believe that Google Search Console is essential for any website, whether it is a corporate website, a personal blog or even an online shop.

But how to access Google Search Console? Everything is done with your Google accountpossibly linked to your email address.

Basically, you should log in to Search ConsoleOnce there, you log in with Google and on the main page you will see a welcome tab (if you have already linked your website, you will see information about it).

Below is a list of steps that will help you to log in and link Search Console to your website.

Add your website with the domain

This part is very simple, once you are in Search Console, you will see a function to add the domain of your website.

Google Search Console

And in case you already have a linked web site and need to link another one, you only need to click on "Add property". under the domain of the site you are currently linked to.

Indicates the type of property

You have two options, you can add your entire website, which will include domains and subdomains. But you can also you can link a single URL to Search Console. We recommend that you proceed with option number one to gain access to more features.

Council: If you then want to link your Search Console to Google Analytics, I recommend adding the domain with its full expression, example; otherwise Analytics will not identify your site.

Confirm the domain name of your website

Google Search Console needs to verify that it is indeed your website. To do this you must assume a verification with the DNS record.

To do this, go to your hosting provider, then go to the DNS settings, and copy the TXT exactly as provided by Search Console.

Then go to Domainsthen to administrar and finally to Add Registration. Then click on verify and the verification process will start. Please note that you should see a notification that the verification has been done.

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How to use Google Search Console?

When we think of Search Console, we think of SEO optimisation, because one of its main objectives is to ensure that your site is well positioned.

For this, you can make use of various functions and tools included on this platform provided by Google. Please note that the main menu is on the left hand side.

Main menu section

You will see a section with an overview of your website, where you will find important reports. You will be able to identify the performance and coverage report, the latter is key to see the indexation of your website.

There is also a section called "Experience", which shows you how is the navigation and usability of your website? from the user's point of view. Finally, there is a section with improvements that provides suggestions or opportunities for improvement.

Inspection of URLs

In an SEO audit, the evaluation of links is indispensable, as it allows us to know what Google's evaluation of a link is, to find out mainly whether it is indexed or not, including whether there are errors.

Using this function is easy, just click on URL Inspection, in the front window you will see a search bar, enter the URL of your site that you want to analyse.

The best thing is that it provides a lot of information, it will tell you if the link has good usability on mobile or even if the AMP version is correct.

Council: if your link is not indexed you must click on "Request indexation".This will allow Google to reconsider the information, if it technically does not appear in the search engine the SEO performance will be null.

Performance analysis

Have you ever wanted to know how your website is doing in terms of positioning?

You can do this with the performance reportIn the following list you will find some of the functions that you can check:

  • Average CTR: is the percentage of impressions, indicating the number of times your website was clicked on.
  • Total clicks: indicates the total number of times the audience clicked on a result to go to your website.
  • Total impressions: indicates the performance of your website as part of the results of an internet search.
  • Middle position: assesses the position of your web site in terms of specific searches.

Final conclusions on Google Search Console

Search Console is moving in line with Google's SEO standards, for example, it now issues a performance report for Google Discover.

Did you know that if your website appears on Discover you could even have millions of views? This is if your content is subject to a trend that will spark the interest of your audience.

Request our service of Google Discover Ads and start gaining the audience you deserve to take your sales to the next level.

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