How to get listed on Google Discover and what are the benefits?

Take charge of learning how to appear on Google Discover is absolutely important for your marketing and SEO strategy.

According to data from the popular Crehana platform, in 2018, at least minus 800 million users who used this new Google feature.

We are talking about the possibility of connecting with a incredibly large audience. And there is another key aspect to its benefits and that is the opportunity to capture more web traffic.

It is very, very likely that you have already used Google Discover and have not noticed it, it happens when you scroll your mobile to the right side, then a section appears with various news or posts of interest to you.

Here's something key, perhaps the best news of the whole post, Google Discover is made to capture the interest of your target audience.

In other words, you can not only increase your audience, but also get traffic from people with a genuine interest in your website. What does this translate into? In the possibility of have an increase in conversion.

How does Google Discover work?

No doubt about it, you can't delve into how to get listed on Google Discover if you haven't first figured out how it works or what its advantages are.

You should know that it is a option available for mobile devicesAnd here's another piece of good news, the majority of web visits today come from mobile.

If you have time to assess SEO strategies and methods of SEM positioningIf you're not sure how to use Discover, you should know that Google has a lot of technicalities. So, we'll share with you some key points from Discover before we go any further.

  • Discover takes into account the terms that are searched for on mobile, so it knows more about users' interests.
  • The mobile applications that the user has help Google to understand their preferences or even needs.
  • On top of that, Google takes into account the location and provides useful data when the user is away from home.

And while all of this is honestly fascinating, Discover is not that old, so there are still some unpredictable components to the way the content is displayed.

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How to get listed on Google Discover?

We've compiled a list based on what we know about Google's algorithm, so that you have a better chance of appearing in Google Discover and tripling your audience and even increasing your conversion. Let's get to it!

Take advantage of Google's index

As we have reported, there are a couple of technicalities about this issue. That is why, you can invest in experts is Discover Ads and thus leave the management of this strategy in the hands of specialists.

But if you still want to know what this is all about and how to achieve a positioning that allows you to appear in the Discover news, then takes into account the Google index.

This is a list or collection of websites that Google verifies after a user makes a search. It's simple, if your website ranks well in the index, it's easier to be on Discover.

So, taking care of the positioning of your website is the first and most important step. Ask for a SEO audit if you feel that performance is not good or has stagnated.

Council: we recommend you to update your posts regularly, because it has been proven that Google Discover takes into account the most recent content, if you have a good post but it is old you will reduce your chances.

Improve the optimisation of your site

Another vital piece of information on how to appear in Google Discover is that the performance of your website is well taken care of. There are several elementary aspects to this, which include from the speed of loading to the quality of interlinking.

It is important that you assess various aspects such as the location of the elements and errors on the website, such as overlapping elements, dropped links, etc.

On the other hand, you should check the optimisation in terms of loading, the loading time should not be longer than 3 seconds, PageSpeed is free and allows you to make an assessment of this area of your site.

Even the information and content of your website should be clear and harmonious, without cluttering it with information that gives Google the feeling that your website is far from being a benchmark due to the absence of quality.

Complex and heavy web archetypes do not work, Google values sites that are fluent and clear to understand.

By the way, don't forget about the proper mobile usabilityOtherwise Google will catapult you to the bottom of the rankings, and we don't want that.

How to appear on Google Discover

Create quality content

In other posts we have talked about content marketing and its importance, in the case of how to appear in Google Discover, it is also fundamental.

You need to keep your attention on the content, especially because trends get more space on Google Discover. You can even place some titles that arouse the user's emotionality and they can't help but click on the news item.

One key thing is that the content should be evergreen.that can be of use and not just for a moment.

For example, talking about how to dress in summer is not the same as writing about how to decorate a small room, the latter has something to contribute regardless of the season.

Of course, if it's summer, you might know that the ideal summer look is on trend, so We have to learn to take advantage of what is happening.

Finally, how to appear on Google Discover?

To appear in Google Discover we recommend that you take into account these three elements:

  1. Google Index: gives you information about the positioning of your site and the relevance you have in the eyes of Google.
  2. Optimisation: this is not only about SEO positioning, but also about the quality of the site. Check errors, navigability, style and above all loading speed.
  3. Quality content: avoid content that is straw, with false information or with no real contribution to the user.

In addition, we recommend investing in YouTube videos and embedding them in your posts, as well as adding valuable metadata and metatags in your content.

Finally, we recommend that you assess the Google Search Console and Google Discover report. Because from your Search Console you can see in detail your performance on Discover, the metrics will help you to verify the result and to take advantage of timely improvements.

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