What is a lead magnet in digital marketing? 5 Benefits

Throughout this post we are going to evaluate what a Lead Magnet is in digital marketing. It's a great strategy that can catapult your sales and help you to to gain the loyalty of potential customers.

On the other hand, a Lead Magnet, also known as a "lead magnet", can facilitate brand recognition. This Inboud Marketing strategy provides important benefits that are worth acquiring.

Discover what a Lead Magnet is and how to design one that is infallible for your digital marketing strategy. In this post we will try to solve your main doubts about it, and we will also review the different types of content that you can integrate.

What is a Lead Magnet and what is it used for in digital marketing?

Let's start by defining what Lead Magnet is. It is a tool that is part of a structured strategy known as a sales funnel.

Basically, this tool is presented in the form of valuable content that is made available to a user in exchange for their contact details. It is a practical way of obtaining information that allows for closer contact with the audience.

This strategy is a key part of the conversion funnel because it helps to capture the interest of your audience and will make your brand much more present, and may even be perceived as a referent.

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What types of Lead Magnet are there?

Now that you know what a Lead Magnet is in digital marketing, it is essential that you also know what kind of content is created and promoted through this channel.

The following are some commonly used types of Lead Magnets

  • Checklists or infographics with "How to" instructions.
  • Professional webinars or online courses.
  • Ebooks on topics of interest to users.
  • Mailing campaigns with exclusive content.
  • Brand promotions and offers.

Choosing the type of content to create a Lead Magnet is key to ensure the success of this strategy.

Interesting Lead Magnet ideas

The moment of creating a lead magnet is often of great importance for the other phases of the sales funnel. The most important thing in this respect is to get the concept and the category of the content type right.

But there are also some slightly more technical criteria that should not be overlooked. such as cost-benefit assessment. It is important to provide real value to the user, but this does not mean that the risks, especially in terms of costs, should be neglected.

What is a Lead Magnet in digital marketing?

1. Offers and promotions

Firstly, we have the access to exclusive discounts which the user can purchase after a short registration process, at which point his or her contact information is captured.

The benefits of a discount is that you won't have to invest in new products or services, and this saves a lot. In addition, it tends to be irresistible content for the audience, and is successful for customer loyalty.

The most important thing is to invest in a good banner, with irresistible copy that makes it clear what kind of benefit will be perceived.

2. Series of mailings

An inexpensive way to make a lead magnet is with a sequence of emails. You can persuade your audience to subscribe to a newsletter, for example.

It is vital that you are able to share valuable content to your audience. For example, guides on how to carry out certain processes, useful comparisons for potential customers, exclusive information previews, etc.

We have highly qualified staff to carry out the following tasks mailing campaigns. This is of great importance to generate high-impact content that prolongs the user's interest.

3. Expert guides

Another way to making an effective Lead Magnet is knowledge sharing, this can be through the creation of a guide that is downloadable as a PDF, or it can be through video tutorials that explain how to do something of interest to the audience.

However, there is a wide variety of ways to generate content that focuses on expert knowledge. For example, it is possible to create infographics or even audios or the super popular Podcast.

According to Lead Magnet statisticstext content such as Ebooks have an effectiveness rate of up to 59%.

4. Exclusive templates

Of course, this will depend on your business niche. But if you are a digital marketing and design businesssharing unique templates will have an excellent impact.

It is a content that will undoubtedly capture the interest of your audience. Those who enter your corporate website will surely do so with the need to meet certain demands in design.

5. Online courses

Webinars, MasterClasses or simply online courses are totally irresistible content for any audience.

Best of all, it is a technique that can work well with various types of business niches and is a key benefit if you are looking to amortise risk.

Benefits of Lead Magnet for your business growth

Now that you know what a lead magnet is in digital marketing, it is important to know what it has to contribute to the growth of your business. The following are some benefits that are worth knowing.

  • It facilitates the presentation of the business: is a practical way to raise awareness of your business, and valuable content may be much more appreciated by your most loyal audience. But capturing the interest of new users (and potential customers) is a real plus.
  • Distinguish your business from competitors: Not all businesses decide to invest in a sales funnel, so they rarely generate this type of content. It is a good way to position your brand as a benchmark and gain more trust.
  • Capture more interest in your value proposition: It is also important that you can promote your value proposition with a high-impact message. This will help you to increase your sales.
  • Help increase your customer base: Generating a good Lead Magnet can help you considerably. But it is not a step that will do everything by itself, it is ideal that you then make a good management of that database.

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