TikTok and its innovative move towards Out Of Home (OOH) advertising: All you need to know

Social media platform TikTok has taken a surprising and exciting step into the world of advertising. They have announced that they are beginning to forge deals to run "Out Of Home" (OOH) campaigns through their platform. This move could be a game changer in the world of advertising. But what exactly is "Out Of Home" advertising and how will it integrate with TikTok?

What is Out Of Home (OOH) advertising?
Out Of Home", or OOH, advertising refers to any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while they are away from home. This includes, but is not limited to, billboards, bus stop ads, underground ads, and digital screens in public places. Essentially, it is a form of advertising that seeks to capture people's attention while they are on the move.

In the digital age, OOH advertising has evolved to include digital displays and interactive technologies that allow for greater personalisation and targeting of the advertising message. These innovations have allowed OOH advertising to remain relevant and effective in a world dominated by online advertising.

TikTok and OOH integration
So how does a predominantly mobile social media platform like TikTok relate to OOH advertising? Here are some ways in which this could work:

- Exclusive Content for OOH Screens: TikTok could allow advertisers to create exclusive content that is displayed only on specific OOH screens. This could be interactive content that invites viewers to engage with the TikTok platform in real time.

- Geographic Targeting: Through geolocation, TikTok could display specific content on OOH screens based on location. For example, a specific ad for a local shop could be displayed on a nearby billboard.

- Direct User Interaction: Using QR codes or NFC technologies, users could interact directly with OOH ads, taking them directly to the TikTok application for a more immersive experience.

Benefits for TikTok and advertisers
TikTok's foray into OOH advertising offers several benefits:

- Increased Reach: While TikTok already has a massive audience, the combination with OOH allows advertisers to reach an even wider audience, including people who may not use the app regularly.

- Expanded Creativity: TikTok's visual and creative format lends itself perfectly to the visual world of OOH. Advertisers can experiment and create truly impactful campaigns that capture attention both in-app and out-of-app.

- Real World Connection: Although we live in a digital age, real world connection still has a powerful impact. Combining the digital world of TikTok with physical OOH advertising creates a more tangible and memorable experience for consumers.

TikTok's decision to explore the world of OOH advertising is testament to the constantly evolving nature of advertising and marketing. As the lines between the digital and physical worlds continue to blur, brands looking to innovate and effectively connect with their audiences will be at the forefront. This merger of TikTok and OOH is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting era of advertising creativity and consumer connection.

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