TikTok Ads: Discover great tips to grow on this social network

TikTok Ads is a tool that allows you to generate advertising within this social network. And today many entrepreneurs and digital businesses are leveraging this platform to reach a much wider audience.

The growth of this social network is simply impressive, it has catapulted more than one user to fame. And although it is very focused on promoting entertainment, more and more businesses are taking advantage of it.

Growing on TikTok at a corporate or commercial level produces two important benefits; increased visibility and engagement.

And although this social network has a large audience and many users invest many hours on the platform, it is not so easy to be successful on it. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about manage ads on TikTok Ads.

In this post we will analyse aspects such as the following:

  • How does TikTok Ads work?
  • Importance of advertising in TikTok.
  • What formats does TikTok Ads support for your ads?
  • Step by step how to advertise on Tik Tok Ads.

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What is TikTok Ads?

Let's start by defining what TikTok Ads is, broadly speaking it is an ad platform sponsored by this great social network. This means that facilitates the management of advertisements or campaigns advertising.

In addition, TikTok Ads has a wide range of features that allow the analysis of metrics to evaluate the performance of a campaign.

Although some consider the ads on this platform to be very basic to manage, it is an issue that has its complexity. And the fact is that this social network works on the basis of an algorithm that detects audience preferences based on interaction.

How does TikTok Ads work?

It is important that you are aware of the main functions that TikTok Ads allows for the creation of ads.

As with many other platforms of this type, it facilitates audience targeting. This way your ads can reach a much more specific audience.

You can also enjoy features that help strengthen the positioning of your ads on TikTok and help generate more relevance to your videos.

Initially TikTok shows your videos to people who follow your account, in case you get several organic interactions. increase the visibility ratio to users who do not follow you.

Is it worth advertising on TikTok?

As well as showing you how TikTok Ads works, we want to demonstrate the potential of using this social network to increase engagement with your digital business.

In addition, it's good to know that beyond gaining a larger audience, you may be able to increase your brand recognition and the trustworthiness of it. If you are still in doubt about whether or not to advertise on TikTok, see the following key points.

  • According to data issued by TikTok, the social network has 1 billion active users.
  • According to a TikTok Ads impact study68% of users consider them to be unique ads.
  • It is part of the users' style to recognise new content and interact with it.

TikTok Ads

TikTok ad formats

Did you know that TikTok's motto for company-supported advertisements is "Ads that entertain. Campaigns that connect".? And it does live up to this motto perfectly.

TikTok for Business provides a wide range of functions and is geared to entertain and engage the audience.

This platform leaves aside boring formats for generating ads or creating bland campaigns that rarely have a real impact. Likewise, TikTok does not want to have commercial or boring advertising formats, and that is its charm.

The following formats are available:

  • Shopping Ads.
  • Spark Ads.
  • In-Feed Announcements.
  • TopView

In the following table you can see the main characteristics of these four classic formats for generate an ad on TikTok Ads.

Shopping Ads

Spark Ads TopView

In-Feed Announcements

If you are looking for the most innovative for your TikTok Ads campaigns, this format is ideal because it is very new. It helps brands get noticed and allows you to create links to the advertiser's digital business.

The feature allows organic posts to be found in other spaces such as In-Feed or TopView. It is believed to have a conversion rate of almost 46%. What we love about this ad format for TikTok Ads is that it displays the content when you open the App. They also take up the entire screen and have a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

This is the typical format for a TikTok ad, it is very versatile so it works well in different niches. It acts as an ad in the form of Stories, with a maximum duration of 60 sec.


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Steps to running a campaign on TikTok Ads

Now that you know what TikTok Ads is and how it works, it is important that you consider the steps you need to take to bring your campaign to life.

First, you should know that you have access to two spaces, TikTok Ads Managerfacilitates the management of advertisements. Meanwhile, Business Account TikTok facilitates access to metrics, where data can be evaluated and other functions can be accessed.

  1. Select the campaign creation modeYou have a simple mode and a customised mode.
  2. Define the objectives of the campaign, this step is key - you can choose brand visibility, consideration or conversion capture.
  3. Generates the name of the campaign, this should pursue a strategy, you have a maximum of 512 characters.
  4. Optimise the budget, you will indicate to the platform the capital you have available to promote your ad, you can even set a daily budget.

When creating a campaign for TikTok Ads many people have doubts about the budget. Here you can choose a daily budget or a total budget, the latter applies a lot with ad groups.

Select TikTok Ads specialists for your campaigns

Now that you know the details of how TikTok Ads works and, above all, the scope of advertising on this platform, have you decided to bring benefits to your digital business?

We help you with that from our professional campaign management TikTok Ads. Request more information now with no obligation, we give you professional guarantees and promote the visibility of your brand in record time with the best strategies.

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