What is link building? 5 things to keep in mind in this strategy

Some people strive to generate quality content on their website and find that it doesn't rank. Find out what link building is and how you canIt can help you gain SEO rankings quality.

Linkbuilding reinforces the idea that we must continue to SEO strategies to be able to perceive better results in terms of content creation for our audience.

We can write the best article for our blog and it won't do much good if we notice that it doesn't rank. Instead, we can have an optimal production of content and combine it with the monitoring of web positioning techniques.

Link building is one of the best known SEO techniques and is related to off-page SEO measures. One of its main benefits is that it helps to improve the authority of the website in terms of search engine evaluation.

In this post you will learn a little about the following aspects:

  • What is link building and how does it work?
  • How to do link building on a website?
  • Key aspects for a successful strategy.
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What is link building and how does it work?

Broadly speaking, it is an SEO positioning technique that consists of generating links on external websites. Performing this action is known as backlinks, and the more you reinforce this link generation Google appreciates your content as a benchmark in terms of the niche being addressed.

Search engines value the authority that a website may have, but also this helps to prioritise content. And this translates into the possibility of reaching a much larger audience.

How to generate link building efficiently?

Now that we have analysed what link building is, you will surely want to know how to put this strategy into practice. First you should know that it is not about generating links without a logical sense, in fact an excessive generation of links can be detrimental.

That's why we're going to tell you what you need to take into account to get your link building strategy on track. Let's get to it!

1. Prioritise quality over quantity

Many people, after assessing what link building is, set out to generate as many links as possible (i.e. backlinks), because they imagine that they will have a better performance with this strategy. However, this is a risky decision that can have the opposite effect.

It is not about getting your website to generate a lot of links of this type, but the key is to encourage a few quality backlinks instead of consolidating a lot of variety. But how to have efficient links?

It is important that you try to ensure that the links on external sites come from websites that have a certain authority or mastery of the niche you are managing. Excessive backlinks from emerging or little-known sites are not beneficial for SEO positioning.

What is link building

2. Generate Backlinks that are a natural fit

If you take into account the performance of various SEO strategies you will notice that Google places a high value on naturalness. Forced links are not good and can detract from your site's rating.

Some people look for link generation by buying links or with artificial link generators. When a link is forced, Google can easily detect it and this will only hurt your site.

3. Apply good anchor text

The next tip on how to do link building has to do with anchor text. Basically it is the text that links to the link in question, some people don't think much of it but its impact is key in this strategy.

According to a link building study a tendency to create an anchor text starting with a relevant keyword on the topic could be seen. SEO experts do not suggest using the typical anchor text "click here", as it provides little value and is less natural.

4. Place links on domains in your niche

As we indicated when defining link building, it is not appropriate to generate links without a logical sense. In part, a good strategy is consolidated by taking into account the context, and this allows the promotion of natural backlinksand of value.

This may be a bit tricky to do link building, but it is advisable that the links come from websites that share the same subject matter to some extent.

5. Clean your website of toxic backlinks

There is another important aspect to the link building and SEOYou should remove excessive links, which by their nature are considered by specialists as "toxic". Why? Because far from favouring web growth, they slow it down.

Due to the benefits of link building, some people have created the famous link farms, and this, far from helping, harms. Because they are links that do not add value and are often inserted without any context.

Key review issues

Well, now that you know what link building is and what you need to take into account in order to carry out this strategy successfully, let's go over some aspects. Take note!

What does Link Building mean?

It is an SEO strategy that consists of generating links or backlinks that are placed on external websites. Its purpose is to mention a site so that Google values it as a possible authority on a topic.

What is link building

What is Link Building examples?

If you have a party agency website and you have a catering service you can create a post about "the best cocktails for a wedding" and ask a website that sells champagne or wine for events to publish that content with a link to your business.

How to generate Link Building?

You should mainly look for the generation of quality backlinks, coming from websites related to your niche.

Likewise, this link generation must be consistent with the publication of quality content and must be accompanied by a natural and valuable anchor text for SEO.

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