How to get a better web positioning | 5 Successful Tips

In this opportunity we are going to address one of the main doubts of users: What techniques to apply in order to to have a better web positioning? Achieving this growth has become increasingly necessary, as well as complicated.

One of the main challenges about SEO has to do with the fact that many techniques that paid off in the past are nowadays outdated. This is because Google's algorithm is constantly being updated.

This implies the need to promote up-to-date SEO and SEM strategiess, with the intention of achieving good results. At eXprimeNet we have a wide variety of services focused on promoting better web positioning.

And throughout this post we will tell you what measures you should apply in order to achieve web traffic growth and stay on the rise in such a competitive digital space. Take note of the tips!

What is SEO and how does it work?

In order to delineate strategies that facilitate better SEO, it is first necessary to understand the challenges that commonly arise in this task.

The first thing you should know is that the successful SEO strategies are designed taking into account certain variables of Google's algorithms.

Naturally, search engines start with a crawling process of the web, where the contents are evaluated and indexed in the main search engines.

Algorithms also categorise the index of websites with the intention of displaying appropriate content based on a user's search.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the way search engines work is complicated. Moreover, it is a process that has been constantly updated and as a specialist SEO agency we stay at the forefront of the changes.

How to achieve a better web positioning?

Nowadays, the presence of small and large businesses on the internet is more than evident. This has increased the opportunity to reach more users (or potential customers), but it also leads to a high level of competition.

Having a better web positioning is something to take care of when developing the site. Having a solid foundation will help your business grow digitally and multiply your profits.

1. Ensure the optimisation of your site

Many people only focus on developing SEO content to boost web positioning. While this is essential, it is not the only thing we should be concerned with.

Lengthy website load times and usability problems mean that optimisation is flawed. While this affects the user experience, it also limits search engine rankings.

Tips to optimise your website

  1. Choose less graphic-heavy content (images, videos, etc.).
  2. Examine the content of your website and avoid duplicate content.
  3. Incorporate the sitemap.xml and robots.txt file into your site.
  4. Channel a responsive and functional 100% web design.
  5. Install a plugin to help speed up the loading time of the site.

2. Create content according to your niche

Some people invest a lot of money in getting a better SEO and do not succeed. Generally this is due to the fact that they did not apply good SEO strategiesor that the techniques were not consistent with the niche.

Google takes into consideration the quality of the content published on websites and condemns the tendency to over-optimisation. One of the most prominent positioning techniques is known as "White Hat SEO.

How does this technique work? Basically, it consists of identifying the topics of interest to users who regularly visit your site. And once these topics have been identified, generate valuable content.

A very useful tool to recognise the search trends of the users related to your niche is Google Trend. And the best thing is that it has many free features.

better web positioning

3. Conduct a keyword analysis

Our next tip that will help you to have a better web positioning, is to perform a keyword analysis. The right selection of keywords will help you to strengthen your SEO strategy, and this will bring better results.

While it is hard work, it is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that we have 15 years of experience in the field of SEO Contentwe apply good content marketing strategies.

Keyword Research Tips

The following are some useful aspects of such an analysis:

  • You should take into account the volume of keywords, this will help you choose which topics to create content on.
  • It is also necessary to consider the level of competition, a low or medium level of this variable is ideal, as covering keywords saturated by competition is very complicated.
  • If you want to follow an SEO strategy that generates good results on an ongoing basis, try not to cover so many seasonal topics. You can focus your keyword planning on searches that are not related to a single season.
  • It is also a good idea to use keywords that can be related to the brand or the specific niche that is being developed from the website.

You can use the Google tool "Keyword Planner"to carry out keyword planning and identify the most interesting topics for your target audience.

4. Optimise your links or URLs

We have to make Google's job easier! And this is partly possible by selecting links that are shorter and easier to read. Because this also makes them a little easier to index.

Another SEO tip is to use the target keyword within the link, this also helps Google to quickly identify what your content is about.

5. Generate internal links

Google values that the contents point to other contents that can help to complement the information. All of this ends up providing a higher level of value to the user.

It is not a matter of simply generating internal links, but of pursuing a logical intention. Having the advice from an SEO and SEM agency can help to clarify doubts and apply the best strategies.

Likewise, links can point to other blog posts or service pages, ideally in a natural way and with a view to increasing the value of the content.

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