How to do email marketing | Step-by-step guide

In this opportunity we are going to analyse how to do email marketing. It is a complementary strategy, often carried out after starting a strategy such as Link Building.

Some people fail to see the success that can reflect creating effective email marketing campaigns. But really, it is a resource that, if well worked, can provide a high conversion rate.

Did you know that the very first mailing (sent out in 1978) reflected profits of 13 million dollars in sales? Unbelievable indeed!

Digital marketing specialists suggest making the most of mailing campaigns. And the best thing is that it is often well suited to different types of business, whether for ecommerce or enterprise.

Do you want to know the key steps to create an email marketing campaign? Very well! We will tell you which are the aspects you should take into account about this technique.

Definition of email marketing

Before we tell you how to do email marketing, it is important to assess on a technical level how this technique works.

The first thing you should know is that it's not about spammingIn fact, managing it that way would not generate good results at all. The right way to look at this process is as managing a digital communication channel.

This is why all phases on how to do effective email marketingmust be taken care of with planning. Here we will also tell you which tools are useful to carry out this method.

Broadly speaking, this technique is defined as a style of marketing where communication takes place via email.

From this channel it is possible to share relevant information about your brand with users (and potential customers). It does not always make transactional 100% sense..

In some cases, mailing campaigns are also generated to educate your audience about a topic or to share a free resource.

This is a fact that helps to increase reliability about the business. It is certainly important to understand the reason why we decided to take advantage of the benefits of email marketing.

The approach depends on the type of audience

On the other hand, the implementation of an email marketing campaign is handled differently depending on the characteristics of the audience.

It does not involve the same management if the aim is to give an initial connection to usersIn this case, the key is to be able to strengthen the relationship. Here you can apply sharing a valuable resource to capture the attention of your audience.

There is no doubt that designing an email marketing campaign is an arduous process. And the purpose should be to capture the interest of readers, to the point that they are already looking forward to the next newsletter. This will speak highly of your brand and can generate better results in the long run.

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Advantages of email marketing in your digital business

Before going deeper into how to do email marketing, it is important to understand what benefits it offers. This means making a certain investment and it is important to know whether or not it is justified.

1. It is an effective technique

Most importantly, you should know that by designing mailings efficiently, the process can generate promising results. In fact, even prestigious brands make use of email marketing to build customer loyalty or to increase the interest of potential customers.

According to research conducted by Oberlo on the level of email marketing success in business The following was reflected; "9 out of 10 companies use email marketing to distribute content organically".

2. It is a process that can be verified

Another benefit of email marketing is that it generates a series of metrics that are fully quantifiable. This allows you to see the results very accurately, and if you need to make an adjustment, you can correct it in time.

Among the aspects that can be evaluated are the conversion rate, the open per click, the level of engagement, etc.

How to do email marketing

3. Email marketing campaigns are segmentable

Another great benefit of email marketing is that campaigns can be managed in terms of segmentation. This way you can set specific criteria to capture your target audience.

All of this also means that when designing an email marketing campaign, you have a lot of control over it from the start. We have 100% specialists qualified to do this. successful email marketing campaigns.

Key steps on how to do email marketing

The following are some key steps on how to do mass mailing and get high value results.

1. Define your objectives

The first step on how to do email marketing has to do with defining the purpose or objectives. You must ask yourself, why do I want to carry out this campaign?

Does your objective have to do with introducing a new product? Do you want to convert your leads into conversions? Depending on your purpose, guidelines for designing mailings will be defined.

2. Identify your audience

It is essential that you have a good appreciation of your audience. Because there is no point in sending mass emails if the information is not relevant to users.

On the other hand, if you have a list of potential customers to whom the mailing is addressed, then you have a better chance of success. So, start with highlight the qualities of your Buyer persona.

3. Design an email list

After you have defined the highlights in advance, you need to design a mailing list. A database is usually available if, for example, your website has a pop-up or floating advertisement that asks for customer information (leads) in exchange for a valuable resource.

Ideally, you should be able to email marketing tools to make exporting this data an automated and quick process, rather than a manual one. For this, the use of resources such as CRM is key.

4. Choose a campaign type

This can be one of the most complicated steps about how to do email marketing. Because every campaign is unique, in fact, there are several formats available.

For example, some decide to issue monthly bulletins, also known as newsletters. These may contain information such as short guides to relevant topics for users or generally issue information about featured products.

Which option you choose depends on your audience type and how well you connect with potential customers. If they already know your brand, they may managing the design of the campaign much simpler.

Conclusions on doing mailing campaigns

Finally, there are other valuable tips that you can apply to your email marketing campaigns. For example, it is convenient to create a calendar where you write down the content you want to include in your newsletters, and the justification for it.

You may not have such a large list of subscribers initially. However, if you keep up the quality from start to finish, you will soon you will be able to increase the numbers to consolidate a larger audience that is very interested in your brand.

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