How to advertise on Instagram and what formats are available?

This time we will tell you how to advertise on Instagram efficiently. While there is a simpler option to generate an ad on this social network, to access more features it is advisable to make the announcement from the administrator of advertisements.

Something you should bear in mind is that Instagram advertising, in terms of styles and formats, has a certain similarity with Facebook advertising. Both digital tools are part of Meta.

In fact, in defining how to advertise on Instagram, part of the procedures are the same as Facebook advertising.. In both cases the management is done from the Meta ad manager.

You may be asking yourself, why advertise on Instagram? Actually, this social network has multiple functions for business or tradeand month after month it acts as a useful channel to promote sales.

Discover how to manage Instagram ads getting the most out of this tool. We will tell you all the fundamental steps to make a successful campaign.

Features of advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram appears in various sections of this social network. Mainly, it can be placed in the news section.

But how does the social network decide who to show advertising to? There are a number of functions when creating an ad campaign that allow segmentation to be established.

On the other hand, there is a certain level of visualisation that occurs organically. Aspects such as user preferences and their activity within the platform are taken into consideration.

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What formats are available for advertising on Instagram?

Actually, getting into the basics of how to advertise on Instagram is easy. However, the difficulty lies in creating a successful campaign, and that's exactly what we want to show you.

Depending on the preferences of your target audience and their characteristics (age, gender, location, occupation, etc.) it is advisable to make use of certain advertising formats, the main ones of which are explained below.


Do you want to make a simple ad on Instagram? In that case, creating your campaign based on images can be the easiest way to go. Also, the orientation can be square or horizontal.


Many prestigious brands have been relying more and more on the use of video advertising. It is very easy to get this type of content and often entertaining. The duration format is 60 seconds.


We also have Stories that have become super popular, so many brands have decided to take advantage of the effect they cause, especially by facilitating engagement. Keep in mind that they only last 24 hours.


Either photos or videos can be included, the main feature being that supports a total of 10 contents of this type. It is very useful for communicating more extensive information in an entertaining way.


According to specialists in the field, this format is quite comprehensive. It facilitates visualisation and interaction with users and they can see a list of products in detail, for example.


This format supports a video clip, but it is made up of a series of images. One of the benefits of this format is that it can be dynamic, facilitating user interaction.

how to advertise on Instagram

How to advertise on Instagram correctly?

You may have a few questions when you start your Instagram campaigns. We want to help you get the most out of Instagram's features. Meta Ads ad managerWe therefore suggest that you follow these guidelines.

1. Link your Facebook and Instagram account

One thing we recommend before starting the process on how to advertise on Instagram, is to link to your Facebook account.

How do I do this? All you have to do is go to the Facebook page and from there you have to select the "settings" option. From there locate Instagram and add your account, it's very easy!

2. Go to the ad manager to create the campaign.

Once you have done this, you must access the ad manager section. From there you will find the option to "create new ad". It is even possible to import your Facebook ads if you have any.

3. Design your ads in the administrator

The ad manager section is quite organised, and it is important to sort ads by name. Each of your advertisements must be configuredPlease take into account the following aspects.

Choose your advertising target

The ad manager will allow you to choose between several types of objectives, for example to encourage "interaction or catalogue sales". It is ideal to analyse each of the options to choose the one that best suits your purposes.

Define segmentation

In this step on how to advertise on Instagram you will have two options. Mainly you can choose an automatic targeting mode, this way the platform will is in charge of adjusting the criteria taking into account your followers..

On the other hand, you can do manual targeting. This is more successful because it helps your ads to be seen by an audience that may be much more interested in your brand.

Select where the ad will appear

The next step on how to advertise on Instagram has to do with choosing where the ads will appear. You can choose from the following locations:

  • Device.
  • Platform.
  • Stories.

Choose your budget and define your publication schedule

The ad manager allows you to choose between two different options, to issue a daily budget or on the other hand, the possibility to issue a total budget.

By choosing a total budget you can set aspects of the timing of the publication of the advertisements, as well as the maximum spend awarded on a per publication basis. This will depend on how much capital you have available for this process.

4. Generate the configuration of your advertisement

After you have completed all the steps described above, you need to set up your advertisements. In this phase you can of course set the ad format, a linking copy accompanying the descriptionand a call to action.

5. Keep an eye on metrics

Finally, in our guide on how to advertise on Instagram, we recommend you to analyse the metrics you are going to get from your ads. For example, conversion rate, engagement or cost per click versus profitability.

Remember that we have qualified experts for the management of Facebook and Instagram advertising. We offer you quality results with highly effective protocols.

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