How to create a landing page that converts?

This time we will tell you how to create a landing page that is more likely to convert. Nowadays there are numerous businesses that benefit from the successful creation of landing pages.

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, this kind of content marketing strategies can generate 3 times more leads compared to conventional strategies. And the good news is that they cost less to produce.

And the fact is that, the main objective of a landing page is the acquisition of leads.. This is key information from users who may have a genuine interest in your business, so they are valued as potential customers.

By having the email address of potential clients it is possible to create a database that will allow you to carry out other strategies such as email marketing. Do you want to know what it takes to make a quality landing page? Let's get to it!

In this post you will mainly learn:

  • What is a landing page and how does it work?
  • Advantages of a landing page.
  • How to create a landing page that converts?
  • Importance of monitoring results.

How to create a landing page

What is a landing page?

Often referred to as a landing page, landing page or simply "landing page". It is a static web page, which is focused on capturing data such as email addresses of potential customers, who perform specific actions.

There are different types of landing pages, some are part of the digital business website. But there are also landing pages that are developed on a website independently.

One of the key aspects when creating a landing page, is to offer content of value that captures the interest of the audience.

This could be the possibility to subscribe to weekly newsletters, to purchase discounts or to acquire exclusive content for free.

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What are the benefits of having a landing page?

Some people are not sure whether they should figure out how to create a landing page or not. They start from the idea that the website is already created to provide information about the business and to generate the purchase action in the users.

But it is not that easy! Even if a website is very well structured and has engaging content for potential customers, it usually has a lot of information.

This makes it more difficult to get users to take specific actions. The landing page on the other hand, seeks to make users follow certain steps because the information is direct and there are fewer distracting elements.

That said, the following are some benefits of having a landing page:

  • Landing pages have a good conversion rate.
  • These are digital resources that are less costly.
  • Generate a quality user experience.
  • It helps to strengthen ties with potential customers.
  • It allows a high-impact message to be communicated.
  • They are often reusable resources.
  • It is one of the SEO strategies more successful.

How to create a high converting landing page?

If you have come this far, you probably have a much clearer idea of the benefits you can get from designing a good landing page.

But by starting in the creating a landing pageIn this regard, it is important to practice certain steps as we will explain below. In this regard, it is important to put certain steps into practice, as we will explain below.

1. Delineate your Buyer persona

A key thing about how to make a landing page has to do with the fact that everything has to start from knowing your audience.

It is important to know the characteristics and preferences of potential customers. Nowadays, there are tools that act as a Buyer persona generator.

Knowing who the landing page is aimed at makes it much easier to decide what content it will include. The important thing is that the message is relevant, and for this it must be oriented to the real needs of the audience.

2. Clarify your objectives

You need to be clear about your goal in creating a landing page: do you want to introduce a new service or product? Do you want to offer valuable content to attract leads and gain trust in your business?

Depending on the purpose you have for the landing page design, you must comply with certain options. Especially because the message you share must be consistent with your objectives.

Moreover, the message is not only what we communicate in written form, but also the design and graphic elements that accompany this static page. We put at your disposal experts in landing page creation with great potential for conversion.

3. Create impactful content

When creating a landing page, the content must be of high value. It is important that you spend enough time getting to know what your audience prefers, especially to provide what you will give away for free.

Ebooks are often part of Lead Magnet strategiesand are very suitable for both shops and businesses offering services. Let's say you run a wedding planning agency.

In this case, you could offer a free Ebook on "Top 10 things you need to do to plan a wedding on a budget.".

Here we note some benefits of this strategy:

  • It is consistent with the real interests of the audience.
  • It is content of value to the audience.
  • It is related to the characteristics and dimensions of the niche.

4. Insert a form

One of the key elements when creating a landing page is the contact form. In fact, we can notice that in this content a kind of exchange is activated, where the user leaves their data in exchange for valuable content.

Of course, there is no need to be invasive about this, nor is it appropriate to take many steps to get to this point. Simplifying nowadays is something that brings better results.

According to a Marketplash studyAt least 46% of B2B marketers say that form design has a huge impact on conversion rates.

5. Generate the landing structure

Some people when considering how to create a landing page are looking to generate a lot of information. This is a mistake! It is better to share a concise but high impact message.

It is best to limit the incorporation of buttons, i.e. they are useful, but they should not be overloaded with content.

These tips will help you to create a good structure for your landing page:

  • The title should stand out and contain the value proposition.
  • Graphic elements such as images or banners are useful to strengthen a message.
  • It is important that your landing page is 100% optimised for mobile browsing.
  • Include buttons with calls to action or CTAs, stay close to your audience.

How to create a landing page

So, how to create a landing page?

To make a high-converting landing page, it is important to follow some guidelines. But the most important thing is that every decision you make is backed up by planning.

The basis of everything is to delimit your Buyer persona, from this you can define the best look and feel for your landing page and the valuable content that is worth offering on it.

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