6 Online retail trends for Cyber Monday

Here are six trends in online sales that will allow you to multiply your profits during Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Keep in mind that these are highly anticipated commercial events.

While it is true that the demand for certain products rises during the Black Friday and of the Cyber Mondayalso increases competitiveness.

Therefore, if you want to sell more in your online shop, it is essential that you design a sales strategy aligned with your business niche. In this guide we will tell you how to identify the most in-demand products to build your strategy.

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Throughout this post you will learn about the following topics of value:

  • What is Cyber Monday?
  • When is Cyber Monday?
  • How to sell more during Cyber Monday and Black Friday?
  • Trends in online sales to increase your profits.

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was born in the United States and takes place after Black Friday, it is a marketing initiative. Part of the purpose of this strategy is to increase online sales.

During Cyber Monday, promotions and discounts are made available in certain product areas. One of the most important online sales trends is in the area of technology.

This event started more strongly in the 2000s, unlike Black Friday, which has been around longer. In addition, it is focused on the online sales function. This came about as an initiative to boost online sales.

Today Cyber Monday has been adopted in other countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Mexico and of course in Spain. And with the the rise of e-commerce It is good to come up with a plan to improve sales.

When is Cyber Monday?

Depending on the country, the date of Cyber Monday may change. Generally speaking the event will take place on Monday 27 November.

There are countries such as Argentina where some shops decide to start up a new shop. from Friday 24 November. Like Black Friday, this is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

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I'm sure you're wondering, how long does Cyber Monday last? This depends on retailer preferences usually lasts 24 hourswhich gives that sense of urgency about shopping. But there are shops where they extend the event by several days.

In general, online shops are announcing the arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday a little in advance. In this way, customers are preparing for the most eagerly awaited dates of the year.

Statistical analysis of Cyber Monday - Key facts about its evolution

It is important to know how Cyber Monday has evolved over the years, in this analysis it is also important to identify trends in online sales.

In the following table you will see the evolution from 2013 to 2021 according to Sale Cycle data:


2014 2015

2.29 billion

2.65 billion dollars 2.95 billion




3.39 billion

6.59 billion dollars

7.9 billion dollars




9.2 billion dollars 10.8 billion dollars

11.7 billion dollars

These statistics show an impressive and progressive increase in the volume of Cyber Monday sales after 2017. Y for 2020 the figure was quite high and grew by almost 20% over 2019.

If you have started your online shop and are still wondering whether it is worth investing in advertising for Cyber Monday, you should consider this data. Because your sales could easily increase by taking advantage of the boom in commercial demand.

Has Cyber Monday grown in Europe?

The idea of Cyber Monday emerged in the United States and many LATAM countries quickly adopted it. But this does not mean that it is not relevant for Europe, Spain is the third country where there is a large flow of sales during this event.

And the country with the most sales during Cyber Monday in Europe is the UK. It is a special day for most brands. And even beforehand, many take the opportunity to fine tune their SEO strategies.

Online sales trends useful for Cyber Monday sales

If you are looking to sell more on Ecommerce, it is key that you take advantage of events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

In this sense, you should also choose correctly the products you are going to promote. Not all offers look attractive, so all decisions must have a clear intentionality.

For example, studies show that during Black Friday and Cyber Monday some people bring forward their Christmas shopping, being sure of the gifts they will offer. Here are the main trends in online sales.

Smartwatches, influencer of online sales trends

Smartwatches are one of the most best products to sell in 2023because its popularity continues to grow.

The reality is that the pandemic had a major emotional impact, and there was an increased desire to exercise, be outdoors and adopt healthy habits.

The advantages of smartwatches are very varied, help detect vital signs and give more information such as measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. Even these devices give us information on our sleep cycle.

According to data from the Google Ads keyword analyser, there are at least 100,000 searches per month for the term "smartwatches".

Air humidifier

Another on-trend product in 2023 that is good to offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is air humidifiers.

These are devices that nowadays fulfil several functions, improve air quality, provide dim light so they can help you sleep better, and even give off a pleasant scent.

There are several brands offering everything from large, powerful humidifiers to small devices allowing you to buy a cheap humidifier.

In the following image you can see the performance of this term according to Google searches:

trends in online sales

Fashion and beauty articles

Fashion and beauty products are often an undeniable part of sales trends. They are products that can be found in a variety of price ranges and adhere to a variety of styles.

In this sense, we have that the skin care products have become very important this year. With the rise of beauty routines and care methods such as Skincare, there is now more demand for these products.

Meanwhile, fashion products such as shoes, accessories and clothing are also often in high demand. Don't forget to offer winter fashion, because it goes very well with the upcoming event season.

Thermal backpacks and bags

Another major sales trend for 2023 relates to products that are both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. Backpacks and bags are a classic that are designed to suit different styles.

For example, there are sports backpacks, thermal backpacks, maternity bags, computer bags and much more. To identify the best products to promote during Cyber Monday, you can do a keyword analysis and start a content marketing strategy.

Video game products

Next on our list of online sales trends are video game products.

The relevance of this niche has to do with the growth of the entertainment and videogame industry, which is by 2020 grew by 20% compared to the previous year.

And everything seems to indicate that in the following years it also developed quite favourably.

The sale of accessories for gamers has been very relevant, and tools that allow you to analyse trending search terms confirm this.

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Tablets and technology products

Technology products take the number one spot in online sales trends. In fact, in our guide on how to sell more during Black Friday we indicated that this is the most relevant niche during this season of booming sales.

Tablets, wireless headsets and gamer technology products all represent potential products in demand.

As you can see, the smaller items are the most influential in the sector, while computers account for slightly less demand.

Black Friday Strategies

So what are the best products to sell 2023?

  • Technology products.
  • Air humidifiers.
  • Fashion and beauty products.
  • Gamers articles.
  • Functional products such as backpacks.

Finally, we would like to add organic products to the trends in online sales. Recyclable products, organic cosmetics and such niches have become very important in recent years.

Remember that tools such as Hellium 10 help you identify the best products to sell on Amazon if you have an affiliate marketing project.

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