Ecommerce trends that will be influential in the medium term

In this opportunity we are going to analyse the trends in Ecommerce that have positioned themselves as the most useful and influential.

However, e-commerce has seen impressive growth in recent years and has enabled a number of companies to increase their market accessibility by expanding into other channels.

Although Ecommerce offers several benefits thanks to the existence of some tools or resources, and the lack of limitations to promote products or services, there are also certain challenges to be faced.

For example, there are hundreds of thousands of Ecommerce sites in Spain and other countries around the world, which has led to a considerable increase in competition. Faced with so many competitors it is not always easy to achieve a good level of positioning..

This is why it is convenient to be aware of new trends in the market. Several of these trends are related to the behaviour and preferences of potential customers in this niche.

On the basis of the considerations of the Barometer of Fashion Companies in Spain 2022I'll tell you the assessment regarding successful trends to foster the growth of Ecommerce in 2022.

Ecommerce trends

Top trends in fashion ecommerce

There is one important takeaway from the analysis of the major trends in Ecommerce, and that is that not all of them will continue in the same amount.

Here are some ways of selling and some new possibilities that are making waves in the industry.

Shopping through social media

The most popular trend for Ecommerce currently indicates that purchases channelled through social networks are constantly growing.

This is part of the outlook for more than half of the companies in the fashion sector in Spain. In turn, it has been considered a fairly solid trend because it is estimated that it will remain so in the medium and long term.

Channelling strategies that are focused on improving the customer experience and enabling differentiation tends to be more successful in this type of business.

Buy now and pay later

This is one of the most particular Ecommerce trends, and it is related to flexible payment capabilities. It has become commonplace for online shops to make available an option to reserve a product and pay at a later date.

The buy now, pay later function is becoming more and more common in online shops in this niche market. For some, however, it is a risky move, as some may not continue from this phase to the final purchase.

In addition, according to studies by influential fashion companies on consumer behaviour, this is a trend that is likely to remain in force in the medium to long term..

The acceptance and popularity of this trend is 49% according to the main companies in this sector in Spain. Of course, strategies such as the sales funnel allow the segmentation of phases in the purchasing process and can be essential in this type of initiative.

Live Shopping

Another of the main trends in fashion Ecommerce is Live Shopping, a strategy that offers users a closer approach to the products on sale.

Although this is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years, it is not exactly a novel strategy.

It began in China in 2016, but it is estimated that boosting e-commerce during the pandemic facilitated its increase today.

By February 2020, Taobao, one of the most influential online shops in China, indicated that its Live Shopping sessions amounted to 110%. Subsequently, the number of traders making use of this strategy started to grow much more.

However, what exactly does Live Shopping consist of? With this strategy, brands initiate live broadcasts where they showcase their products. Through this streaming they offer a closer proximity to their audience, and nowadays influencers are also often involved.

If we take into account that one of the most influential trends in Ecommerce is sales through social networks.

And if we also appreciate that strategies like this are relevant, then we can see that there is a benefit in merging the two measures. For the Live Shopping sessions are streamed on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

In summary, in Spain, around 33% of the most relevant companies in this sector continue to use this strategy. It is a method that facilitates engagement and boosts the audience's interest in the brand.

Shopping in Metaverse

Finally, another of the most relevant trends in Ecommerce is the procurement management through the Metaverse.

But what is it? We are talking about the virtual ecosystem developed by Mark Zuckerberg, which has been touted as a strategy capable of revolutionising the internet and connectivity at a very high level.

Analysts believe that fashion online shops could benefit from the Metaverse in some pre-purchase phases.

For example, a through the use of virtual reality using fitting rooms that allow the potential customer to try on a garment to get a close-to-reality idea of what it would look like.

It is also estimated that the 360° shopping experience will enable Metaverse shopping to be a more profitable channel for Ecommerce.

Although, This trend currently covers a 20% according to estimates by Spain's leading fashion companies. But there is some logic to this, as the Metaverse project is still in development.

Is it worth taking advantage of trends in Ecommerce?

The trends in Ecommerce according to the analysis of the Barometer of Fashion Companies in Spain 2022, indicates the following balance:

Ecommerce trends

So these are worthwhile strategies, especially as several of these trends have already shown positive results for businesses in this sector.

Finally, several of these strategies and measures are related to new consumer demands and expectations, which influence their success.