Migrate to Google Analytics 4 and not lose the full history of Universal Analytics data

According to data from Builtwith.com there are 75M websites worldwide using Google Analytics and in Spain 475.311. All these users are being offered the possibility of migrating to an improved version called Google Analytics 4. This new version is not an update or update that continues from Universal but breaks its previous version and is a "start from scratch" in many respects and where, in addition, we are warned that all stored data will disappear. From eXprimeNet we are offering a solution to this loss.

Universal Analytics is going to stop measuring and storing historical data.
Google Analytics 4 is presented as a new next-generation measurement solution. On July 1, 2023, the standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. Not only will it stop storing data, but it will also stop maintaining that stored data history.

What will happen?
Until 1 July 2023You can continue to use and collect new data in your Universal Analytics properties.
After 1 July 2023The data processed so far will only be available for six months.

Limited export of stored data
Google Analyics recommends exporting report data but does not provide a solution for a global export, which is not feasible and is limited to 5,000 records and has to be done report by report. At this point it is important to provide an urgent solution (which Google does not provide) to avoid several problems.

Problems arising from the forced migration to Analytics 4
1. Loss of the complete history of the data generated.
2. Breakdown of historical comparisons between periods
3. The data visualisation interface disappears, we lose graphs, tables, temporary selection ...
4. Reporting systems connected to Universal Analytics will cease to provide information
5. Google Analytics 4 does not collect events, conversions, connections ... as we had in Universal.
6. Hearing work is not exported from Universal to GA4.
7. Reporting systems have to be configured from scratch with GA4.

eXprimeNet offers urgent and immediate solutions to this data erasure.
In order to avoid the loss of all stored historical data and in order to maintain an easy and accessible visual interface to this information we have developed two advanced solutions:

BACKUP UNIVERSAL ANALYTICSThe Universal Analytics data log allows you to extract the total history of the data generated during the entire duration of the measurement from Universal Analytics in a file that the client can save and of which we will make several backup copies. See service here.

VISUAL UNIVERSAL ANALYTICSThe data history can be used to create dashboards and interactive analysis of this data history, providing an easy-to-use and easy-to-interpret data visualisation interface. With this solution, the client does not lose the history and can also maintain easy access to reporting. Consult the visualisation service here. See service here.

Migrate to Google Analytics 4