Maximising the effectiveness of digital strategies in health clinics

We will analyse the findings of a study on digital strategies in healthcare clinics conducted on our clients and offer suggestions for improving the effectiveness of these strategies.

Facebook: A channel for engagement and re-engagement

The analysis of Facebook Ads KPIs reveals that this platform can be effective in detecting users interested in dermatological and hair treatments, as well as linking them to the clinic. However, closing leads or making appointments directly from a first contact on Facebook can be ineffective. The nature of this social network, where users tend to browse at "non-need" times, suggests that a more elaborate recruitment process is necessary.

Suggestions for improvements on facebook:

  • Use Facebook as a channel to capture leads, but complement it with other strategies to guide users through the sales funnel.
  • Use creative and attractive advertisements that generate interest and provide clear information about the treatments offered by the clinic.
  • Use Facebook to re-engage users who are already familiar with the clinic by offering relevant content and reminding them of the services available.

Google Ads: A channel of necessity and competitiveness

On the other hand, Google Ads presents itself as a more effective channel due to its "need-to-know" nature, where users are actively seeking information on health treatments. It is crucial to compete effectively on this platform and take advantage of all available options, including recruitment and remarketing campaigns in different Google media.

Suggestions for improvements in Google Ads:

  • Compete effectively on Google Ads using all available options such as search, display and video campaigns.
  • Combine recruitment and remarketing strategies to maximise user interest and increase conversions.
  • Use creative and personalised campaigns that highlight the clinic's services and build trust with users.

Adhoc campaigns and creative: Keys to Success

The healthcare sector requires ad hoc campaigns and creatives that reflect the right communication and attract the attention of the target audience. It is essential to use appealing outreach levers, such as free advice or the offer of expert information, to encourage users to take the first step towards the clinic.

Suggestions for campaign improvements:

  • Develop creative and personalised campaigns that highlight the services offered by the clinic and generate interest among the target audience.
  • Use attractive outreach levers, such as free counselling or informative consultations, to encourage users to contact the clinic.

Optimisation of the investment structure

Efficient management of advertising spend is key to the success of digital strategies in healthcare clinics. It is important to segment budgets appropriately, considering factors such as geographic location, marketing channel and type of treatment offered to maximise return on investment.

Suggestions for improvements in the investment structure:

  • Segment investment budgets according to geographic location, marketing channel and type of treatment offered to maximise return on investment.
  • Regularly analyse the performance of investments and adjust strategies according to the results obtained.

Optimisation of the dating platform

The online appointment platform is an important tool to facilitate the booking of appointments at the clinic. However, it is crucial to ensure that the platform is intuitive and easy to use for new users, as a positive experience can influence the appointment booking decision.

Suggestions for improvements to the dating platform:

  • Optimise the dating platform to make it intuitive and easy to use for new users.
  • Provide clear and detailed information on treatments offered, costs, payment methods and timeframes to help users make informed choices.

In conclusion, to maximise the effectiveness of digital strategies in healthcare clinics, it is essential to use a holistic approach that combines different marketing channels, creative campaigns and efficient investment management. By understanding user needs and behaviours, clinics can develop effective strategies that generate interest, increase conversions and strengthen customer relationships.

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