What to do about negative content on the internet: Main Concerns

In this opportunity we will analyse what to do about negative internet content and how many concerns there are about it. While it is true that digital development offers impressive benefits in a number of areas, it also exposes certain challenges.

For example, people have to deal with negative content either because of their actions or because of situations invented to damage their reputation. Y companies also have to deal with publications which create numerous disadvantages for them.

From EXprimeNet we have analysed this situation in detail to find out what the general opinion is on the matter. In addition, we are going to tell you what resources are available to deal with this type of negative situation.

How does what is published on the internet affect us?

Concern about certain publications that are shared on the internet is latent in both users and companies. And this helps to take into account the great power of what spreads through cyberspace.

At EXprimeNet we carried out a study analysing data obtained from 2,000 consultations. Both companies and individuals participated in this research and the data obtained were very interesting.

The main finding that stands out is the fact that has increased concern about what is published on the internet by at least 30%. This increase has been compared to the outlook for this issue in 2021, showing a striking increase.

But what is this concern about? Basically, the impact of negative content on the reputation of individuals or companies. And such content can have different connotations.

Analysis of the type of negative internet content

The need to know what to do about negative content on the internet has grown a lot in recent months. This makes us realise that the need for a solution to a problem has arisen.

But which negative content is causing the most concern? At least 45% of those surveyed reported feeling affected by the generation of negative news about them or their companies.

And this is not only seen on news portals, but can spread very quickly thanks to social media. In fact, this has become very common in Social Media, and some people have gained popularity from this fact.

The ease with which a news story can go viral increases concern. This is exacerbated by the fact that some news stories are overhyped and exposed from different contexts as they gain traction on the internet.

But there is not only a concern about news with a negative impact. For, 17% of respondents are concerned about negative reviews.. And this is one of the challenges facing marketing and advertising companies today.

On the other hand, 12% of respondents fear exposure of sexual content and 10% fear such scandals on social networks. For several years now the dangers of the internet have been exposedThe most prominent of these is cyber-bullying and the generation of negative content.

And harassment and blackmail tend to be involved in these cases, especially when the affected are users with a certain degree of recognition on the internet. In that perspective, there is usually an economic interest. But it is also a situation to which virtually any internet user is exposed.

What is most worrying about the dissemination of this content?

According to our analysis, 75% of affected users request removal of negative content. But achieving this is not always easy, often requiring an exhaustive process.

The source of concern expressed by users is a significant issue, as it varies significantly. For this reason, it is useful to know the general context of each case in order to estimate its impact. In the following graph you can find out what most worries users about the generation of negative content on the internet:

what to do about negative internet content

Another important fact is to understand from which source this concern comes more, from users or from companies? According to the research carried out, at least 70% of companies are more concerned about this issue than 70%..

It is clear that being involved in a problem of this type and with this level of scope has a significant impact on a company's reputation. Due to the culture that has been consolidated by digital modernity, it is more difficult to overcome the exposure of this type of content unscathed.

What to do about negative content on the internet?

We understand that this is a topic of interest and concern to people (users and businesses). But, what to do about negative content on the internet? Do we have a possible solution?

There has been a great deal of legal involvement in such cases, and it is expected that as time goes on there will be an evolution of the law in such situations. At the very least 75% of the cases resulted in a legal claim. according to our survey data. And succeeding in these processes is not always very achievable.

There are other ways to deal with negative internet content, but knowing what to do depends very much on the type of content. However, we will share some possible solutions.

  • You can choose to remove the websites you ownbut this may not be a very professional response. If the event has occurred because of cyber-bullying, it may be right, but if it is because of negative accusations, it may increase the lack of trust in the company.
  • You can request the removal of negative content, This is done when the broadcast comes from a source outside your property. But for this you would have to obtain legal knowledge about the situation, and it requires a significant financial investment.

On what to do with negative content on the internet, there is another important point. And that is, there are marketing firms specialising in crisis management that may affect the company's reputation and image. When faced with very complicated situations, it pays to have a professional team at the helm to find solutions.